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Pet Owner Makes 3D Printed Orthosis For Disabled Cat

3D Printed Orthosis

Scottish kitty Sprocket has had hard times. Thanks to his vet and owner, a 3D printed orthosis may save his leg from surgery.

Problems began when Sprocket was hit by a car; then, as he was recovering, he was attacked by a dog. In the end, he suffered severe nerve damage in his leg. The fear that Sprocket’s leg would have to be amputated prompted owner, Fergus Fullarton Pegg, to design and 3D print an orthosis that would support Sprocket during the healing process.

Sprocket and his Orthosis (Image: Fergus Fullarton Pegg)
Sprocket and his 3D printed orthosis (Image: Fergus Fullarton Pegg)

An orthosis is simply an external device intended to provide support and aid in rehabilitation. Pegg, a design innovation researcher at the Glasgow School of Art, printed Sprocket’s gear on a Formlabs 1 printer. Ideally, the 3D printed orthosis would help Sprocket retain mobility and recover smoothly. Once recovered, the 3D printed orthosis can be removed completely.

However, it is unclear whether Sprocket’s leg will, in fact, fully heal. Like a good cat parent, Pegg has already begun preparing a 3D printed prosthesis, in case. If nothing else, Sprocket is clearly in good hands. His owner will undoubtedly see him through these tough times. It’s also great to see uses for 3D printing beyond just prosthetics. Rather than waiting, Pegg has been pro-active and given his kitty something that may make him never need a prosthetic.

The internet is brimming with animal prosthetics, wheelchairs and other adorable upworthy stuff. Frankly, 3D printing has made the possibilities almost endless. While these products are not readily available, 3D printing makes them easy, affordable and – of course -customizable. With a little bit of creativity and a 3D printer, you can make just about anything. For example, kitty orthoses. It’s all about creativity. And love, of course. (Via: Mashable)