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Impressive Lunar Phase Clock Made with 3D Printing & Arduino

lunar phase clock
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Behold the 3D printed lunar phase clock, made with Arduino and open source tools, that reflects the phases of the moon with LED lights.

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Hey, have you heard about the supermoon phenomenon? As the name implies, the moon has appeared larger than usual because of an elliptical orbit.

You have one last chance to see it on Tuesday 13 December. After this date, the vagaries of astronomy mean we may not experience it again in our lifetimes.

Cheer up, though! You can always build one for your bedside table. Maker G4lile0 has done exactly that using a 3D printer, an Arduino, and open-source software tools like FreeCAD and Cura.

The Lunar Phase Clock is a wonderful piece of work, where a 3D printed moon is illuminated with an LED strip to simulate the lunar phases.

3D Printed Lunar Phase Clock: Get the Party Started

The lights are driven by an Arduino that can precisely calculate which phase to show. At the base, it also controls a 0.96″ OLED display that shows the date and time. Other electronic components include an RTC module, a DTH11 sensor, a buzzer, and three push buttons.

But wait! There’s more! The clock also features several additional modes, including an alarm, a wake-up light, a lamp, a thermometer, AND a hygrometer.

With a bit of tinkering, it can help set the mood for your next full moon party with its relaxation and party-like special effects.

In theory, the 3D printed lunar phase clock can also be set to mirror the phases of another moon in our solar system. How incredibly cool is that?

Unfortunately, it’s not yet capable of mixing cocktails or queuing up the seductive sounds of Barry White on the hi-fi. Those features may come in a future update.

Read all about this project on Thingiverse, and find the related code and documentation over on GitHub.

3d printed lunar phase clock