Lifesize Stargate 3D Printed in 1,000 Hours


A museum in Belgium plays host to a massive 3D printed replica of the Stargate “interplanetary transport”, printed and assembled in just over 1000 hours.

Way back in the mists of time — the 1990s, to be precise — there was a semi-popular Film and TV series called Stargate.

It was about the misadventures of a gang of scientists and soldiers who plunge through the space-time fabric using an interstellar teleportation thingumabob. Pretty standard stuff, insofar as B-movie science fiction concepts go.

And it still has some fans scattered across the cosmos. Witness, a full-size replica of a Stargate in Belgium. And it’s been 3D printed, no less.

With a wingspan of almost 7 meters, the replica is made up of 2,000 separate 3D printed parts and 10,000 cuttings. Reportedly it took over 1,000 hours to create and assemble, using a Flashforge 3D printer farm, a Thunder Laser cutter, and a Marchant Dice milling cutter.

Stargate is one for the Ancient Geeks

The Stargate is the work of Vigo Universal, a creative studio that specializes in new and emerging technologies, in collaboration with the Musée royal de Mariemont in Belgium.

“We were approached by the museum as part of their planning for an exhibition called From Stargate to Comics: The Egyptian Gods in the geek culture,” Hermanns Christophe, Vigo Universal CEO, told Digital Trends.

“In preparation for it, they came to us earlier this year and asked if we could use 3D printing to create a replica of the Stargate. We’re always excited about using 3D printing for unique projects, so we were happy to get involved.”

If you’d like to see it in person, the Stargate replica will be on display at Musée royal de Mariemont in Belgium until 20 November.

Just stand well back if there’s a thunderstorm, else the portal will be activated and you’ll end up fighting ancient Space Egyptians.