Take a 360-degree View Inside a Top Secret 3D Printing Lab

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory does top secret research into lasers, rocket ships, and 3D printing. Here’s a sneaky peek inside.

Would you like to break into a top-secret government lab where they’re doing top-secret government things like 3D printing components for rockets?


Okay, so how about a 360 video tour inside a top-secret government lab? No lawbreaking required. Honest.

Gaining entry to a national security lab like the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) in California is no mean feat. It’s one of 17 national labs used by the US Energy Department. As such, public access to LLNL is strictly limited, not least because their scientists and engineers are responsible for certifying the safety, security and reliability of U.S. nuclear deterrents.

But to entice prospective employees, they’ve invited the public to take a glimpse behind the scenes. Here’s a chance to learn what it’s like to fire the world’s largest laser, and how researchers can 3D print rocket motors and living human blood vessels.

The LLNL has posted a pair of 360-degree virtual tours to YouTube of the National Ignition Facility and three of its 3D printing labs, providing a detailed look at their cutting edge research facilities.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has all the Best Toys

To provide some context, you might be interested to learn that the LLNL is home to top secret research on some of the fastest supercomputers on Earth. They also have a radiochemist team who has put five new elements on the periodic table.

PLUS, a team of planetary defenders working on the capability to deflect Earthbound asteroids. Is your mind boggled yet?

Elsewhere, their researchers provided technical guidance to the policy makers who struck the recent Iran Deal. They certify airport security equipment to ensure bombs or weapons don’t make it onto planes. And they are tasked with thwarting cyber-attacks aimed at destablizing critical U.S. infrastructure.

In other words, the LLNL’s top secret projects and research helps makes the world a safer place. And to cap it off, Forbes magazine says it’s a great place to work.

SO, if you’re based in the US and looking for a job in the field of additive manufacturing, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory might be the place for you. Here’s a list of their current openings.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory