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Kitty Slowfood: Keeps Your Cat from Wolfing Down Her Food

Kitty Slowfood

denim blue kitty slowfoodAny cat lover in the house? Guilty as charged! I love my cat Fluffy. She’s snow white, furry, and I love the way she purrs when I pet her. Despite her cuddly quality, Fluffy is a gobble when it comes to food, which causes her to choke and vomit. Sometimes I wished she was as gentle with her food as she is in person.

Apparently I am not the only cat owner to have that wish: Dutch designer Monique de Wilt created an ingenious cat bowl that keeps your cat from wolfing down her food.kitty slowfood

The 3D printed Kitty Slowfood is a version of the normal cat bowl, only that it incorporates a lid, but not the kind of lid you have in mind. Its lid has a cute paw-shaped opening through which the cat has to draw out its food using its paws. This way it is forced to eat much slower, at the same time the Kitty Slowfood keeps kitty occupied. And I found that Fluffy makes lesser food messes than she used to before, since she no longer throws up her food.

Kitty Slowfood is made from ceramic and can be bought in a variety of colors. Kitty Slowfood costs 31.37 Euros plus VAT.

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