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Human Designs 3D Printed Dog Feeder with Arduino

3D Printed Dog Feeder

If you’ve ever woken up to a wet nose in your face telling you “Feed me! It’s breakfast time!” this Arduino 3D printed dog feeder is just right for you.

Inspired by ordinary pet owner JonPaul Laskis, the Arduino-powered 3D Printed dog feeder was originally designed to systematically feed one needy dog Dentastix. Rather than worrying about forgetting, or being forced to leave the dinner table every day, Laskis lets his creation do the work for him.

The machine is surprisingly smart and keeps track of time to know whether or not your pet should get a treat.

Here’s how the 3D Printed Dog Feeder Works

dog feeder laskis
After 8 hours, your dog gets the next treat (image: Thingiverse)

Your dog (or cat, theoretically, but what kind of cat follows rules?) pushes the paw lever, turning on the system. The Arduino’s EEPROM is then consulted to see whether 8 hours have elapsed since the last treat-time. If yes, the machine will dispense the specific treat; if not, the machine automatically turns itself back off to conserve energy.

You can simultaneously save time, find peace of mind, and teach your dog a little more self-reliance. Plus, Arduino’s ability to track the time even while switched off means your dog won’t abuse his new machine by overeating.

Laskis does, however, give fair warning that the project is not for casual tinkerers. He admits that his creation is “over-engineered,” and way more complicated and expensive than necessary. He went through with the original prototyping “just to finish it,” and plans to make a more practical, cost-effective version in round 2.

Where You Can Get the 3D Printing Files

The project requires not only a 3D printer, but acrylic tubes and a laser-cut sheet metal base. If you think you have the technical skills (including how to use lasers and saws) you can find the instructions here; otherwise, maybe wait for round 2.

If you don’t have a 3D printer at hand, you can have the parts printed by a professional 3D printing service. To get the best price, please use All3DP’s price comparison service.