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Google Nexus 6 Leaked as a 3D Print

Google Nexus 6

Phone leaks are as inevitable as death and taxes. But here’s a new twist; Google Nexus 6 flagship smartphone leaked as a 3D printed model.

Google Nexus 6Earlier this month, the infamous tech leaker OnLeaks released detailed schematics for the new Nexus devices from Google. The new Nexus 6, manufactured by Huawei, will have a large raised area at the back for the back of the phone, housing the camera. Further details soon trickled out, including a genuine image of the Nexus 6 with the camera area is finished in black plastic.

So far, so boring. Smartphone leaks are run of the mill stuff for the technology press. Follow the links above if you’d like to learn about the detailed specs for the new phone.

But here’s an interesting wrinkle to the story; OnLeaks shared a video by YouTuber Jermaine Smit, showing a 3D printed dummy of the Google Nexus 6. Smit has taken the specs and converted them into a 3D print, which he can be seen handling in the video below.

By our reckoning, it’s unprecedented for press and public to have physical access to a new product — by proxy — before it’s even officially launched. Google and Huawai are sure to be hopping mad about the leak of their new flagship, and other consumer technology companies will have to down their production labs even further to prevent 3D printed leaks happening to them too.

But for the 3D printing community, it’s just another exciting application of the technology, and shows a paradigm shift in the dynamic between the technology press and the companies they’re reporting on. Down the road, if detailed tech specs and renders are made available in advance, it’s possible to convert this data into STL files, and all manner of 3D printed dummies would go into circulation.

Given the daily excitement surrounding new launches of tablets, laptops, smartphones, cameras, smartwatches… the trickle of leaks could easily become a torrent.