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3D Printed Kinematics Tie: Dress for the Job You Want

3D Printed kinematics Tie

Stuck in the office, listening to endless monologues on mergers and acquisitions? Perhaps the answer to your corporate gloom is a 3D printed Kinematics tie.

3d printed kinematics tieNervous System is a generative design studio that combines science, art and technology. They’ve designed this really kooky limited edition necktie, The Kinematics Tie, constructed with 204 individually 3D printed, interlocking triangular pieces.

The tie is fabricated layer-by-layer in nylon plastic using selective laser sintering (SLS). The hinges are built-in during the printing process, meaning each tie comes off the print bed fully assembled.

They’re available in red, blue and black, and are 19” long, 2.4” wide. They also have a slightly different variation available here. Oh, and the ties also carry a hefty price tag of $120.

Why so expensive? These are limited edition products, made to order, and they’re only available from January 5 to February 5 2016 as part of Nervous Labs release #2. In other words, you’d better move fast if you’d like one.

The trend for 3D printed neckwear is nothing new. For several years, 3D printed bow ties have been rolling off 3D printers and onto our collars. From classy, to 8-bit, to just plain weird, the maker community seems to have a strange fixation on ties.

But the cool thing about this particular item is not just how much fun it would be to wear, but the science behind it. Using 3D printing to explore intricate patterns and push boundaries has led Nervous System to several interesting new designs.

“Nervous Labs is our platform for releasing limited edition products that test out our latest ideas and experiments. Through these designs, we can introduce and evaluate new algorithms, materials, interfaces and fabrication techniques.”

They have an entire section devoted to Kinematics — complex and foldable 3D printed wearable pieces. If you’d like to try some out on your printer at home, they also have a selection of designs that are free to download and print here.

What do you reckon? Is a 3D printed Kinematics tie suitable attire for a corporate raider? Let us know in the comments.

A new look for modern businessmen? (Image: Nervous System)
A new look for modern businessmen? (Image: Nervous System)