Time to light the lights

3D Printed Art: Drazch & Suchy Use Milk to Reveal Miss Piggy

Drazch & Suchy

Swiss designers / artists Drazch & Suchy bring 3D printed art to a new level – with milk. Using Shadow Casting Panels, this print changes with light to reveal hidden art.

Who uses milk to reveal famous portraits? Swiss designer duo Drzach & Suchy entered the i.materilise Designer of the Year in 2015 to do just that. There were several interesting submissions, but this pair managed to use light, water, and 3D printing to create images that seem, frankly, impossible.

Meet the 3D Printed Miss Piggy, Painted in Milk

Is that art? (Image: Drzach & Suchy)

“Got M?” is a 3D print that changes in appearance based on where the source of light is located.

Drazch first developed “Shadow Casting Panels” in 2004. Since then, they worked on perfected them. It works by taking full advantage of light in order to present different images. By properly aligning pegs (pictured below), the duo can create the image of celebrities Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, depending on the light. Milk is used to cover the backdrop and highlight the images, themselves.

Next, a 3D Printed Haiku

3D printing also enabled the pair to create a haiku that unfolded over time.

Again, words are displayed according to their angle and the lighting. Instead of using milk, this particular piece unfolds via shadow cast at the bottom of a water source. By flipping the panels or changing the angle, Drzach & Suchy are able to tell a story over time—a particularly valuable feat in the world of visual storytelling.

Perhaps the reason viewers find this art so incredible is that it is really mind-boggling. Looking at the strange 3D printed pegs and panels, it looks like it could be a misprint, or even garbage. When it slowly comes into focus, we realize there is much more to it than its initial appearance. If you’re having a hard time finding the “magic,” be sure to check out the video.

You can find more on Drazch & Suchy’s 3d printed art right here . Watching those peggy prints go from bizarre to art is half the fun.