Featured image of [DEAL *UPDATED*] Geeetech i3 Pro W 3D Printer for $1 (Yes, $1)

[DEAL *UPDATED*] Geeetech i3 Pro W 3D Printer for $1 (Yes, $1)

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Mar 27, 2018

Skip the coffee today — buy a printer instead. For approx. $1, you can secure a Geeetech i3 Pro W 3D printer kit from online marketplace Wish.

//*UPDATE* Well folks, it looks like it might just have been too good to be true. It’s been brought to our attention that the product description on Wish has been updated, stripping all mention of the printer and replacing it with some vague text about filament.

Whether that means from that point on it’s only filament, or it was filament all along and there was no spoon. Regardless, we don’t condone such practices, so consider this the first and last time we consider Wish for Deals posts.

We’ll update as we learn more. The post as originally published appears below.//

This could be a (wondrous) mistake yet to be fixed on Wish’s part, so take this deal with a few pinches of salt. But, for now, it appears the online marketplace is listing a Geeetech i3 Pro W 3D printer kit for approximately $1 (or one of your local currency).

It’s possible Wish operates on some sort of drop shipping model, meaning larger order numbers could be helping drive the price down. We’re unsure. Similarly, we have no prior experience dealing with Wish, so proceed with caution if you’re unsure whether to trust them.

We’ve ordered one, and by all accounts it seems to have gone through with the order confirmation citing dispatch in the next days (although the delivery estimate is down as early May, so you may be in for quite the wait!).

If Wish delivers, then you’d be getting a wood-frame Prusa i3 style 3D printer from Chinese manufacturer Geeetech, with a build volume of 220 x 220 x 240mm.

There is the minor frustration of signing up for an account on Wish to access the product listings, but for the prospect of a $1 3D printer kit that usually retails for hundreds, perhaps it’s worth a shot.

Let us know in the comments if you managed to snag one at the stated price, or if Wish cancels/attempts to correct the listing.

Deal: Geeetech i3 Pro W, approx. $1

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