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BCN3D Technologies Name Xavi M. Faneca as New CEO

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by Bulent Yusuf
Jan 19, 2018

All change at BCN3D Technologies, the Open Source 3D printer manufacturer based in the region of Catalonia. Roger Uceda steps down as CEO, his replacement is former COO Xavi M. Faneca.

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Open Source 3D printer manufacturer BCN3D Technologies has announced the appointment of co-founder Xavier M. Faneca (left) as their new Chief Executive Officer.

Xavi M. Faneca will assume responsibilities on 1st February and will succeed Roger Uceda (right), who will go on to lead the 3D printing technological development and research at the CIM Technological Center, the innovation institute that BCN3D was spun out of.

In his prior capacity as Chief Operating Officer, Faneca had been leading all operations and design teams at BCN3D Technologies; under his watch the company brought the Independent Dual Extrusion (IDEX) technology to market. This underpins core products like the BCN3D Sigma and Sigmax.

“Roger and I started the project and we have been working together since 2011, seeing the project growth and consolidation,” says Faneca.

“Now, it is a huge honor to take the lead at BCN3D and I am confident to say that our team is ready to take advantage of the new market opportunities. I can feel the thrill of making BCN3D even bigger with new technology and products for our customers.”

BCN3D Technologies

Close Ties Between BCN3D Technologies and CIM Technological Center

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Elsewhere, Uceda will be supporting the BCN3D technology development strategy for the foreseeable future. He hopes to maintain the position of BCN3D as one of the key 3D printer manufacturers in Europe.

“From my part, I am personally really proud from what the team has achieved so far and really excited for the challenges we have ahead of us,” says Uceda.

“We have raised a company from scratch becoming one of the top 3D printer manufacturers in the industry.”

The reorganization will position BCN3D to benefit from the new 3D printing processes developed by the R&D team at CIM-UPC, creating synergies that will emerge in future products that disrupt the 3D Printing industry.

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BCN3D Technologies

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