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3D Printed Barebones iPad Stand

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Apr 18, 2015

Now this is what you call simplicity, functionality and portability, all in one package. The iPad Stand created by Krishh from ArjunDesign is nothing more than a simple structure, which perfectly serves its purpose: support and angle your iPad. I carry mine with me everywhere because its structure is so simple making it easier to fit it into my handbag. And the fact that it’s made of plastic only makes it even easier because I don’t have to worry about its weight.

Metallica iPad Stand (source: Shapeways)
Metallica iPad Stand (source: Shapeways)

With the emergence of 3D printing, different versions of iPad stands are being generated. This barebones iPad Stand provides a simple but elegant support for your iPad. More so, its compact design allows easier transportation wherever you go. Although the simplistic design does not stand out as much, its exceedingly affordable prices make it a great starter-kit for your iPad.
The iPad Stand is available in three variations of color, metallic, black and white, all made from nylon plastic. Krishh designed them with a matte finish and slight grainy texture. The metallic plastic version costs $15.82, the black one $10.90, and finally, the white one $9.90.

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