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[STUFF] X-ACTO #1 Z-Series Knife

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May 25, 2019

Lightweight and razor-sharp, this craftiest of knives is a useful aid for print post-processing.

You know a product has something going for it when its brand name becomes the defacto term for a type of thing. Hoover knows it, as does Kleenex. So too, does X-ACTO, producer of super sharp pencil-thin craft knives.

The X-ACTO Z Series #1 knife is the company’s most top of lines, offering a zirconium nitride-coated blade for heightened cutting performance and a nifty gold color scheme, plus lightweight aluminum handle for long, comfortable sessions of nipping and nicking at stray support material and stringing.

Even outside the realm of 3D print post-processing, it’s a handy knife to keep around. Just be careful when using — it’s a sharp one. Two bloodied thumbs up!

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