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[DEAL] Anycubic Photon for $259 (Free Shipping)

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Oct 7, 2019

Clearing stock, or feeling the heat? Whatever the reason, Anycubic is holding a mighty flash sale for its Photon MSLA 3D printer.

There may be hotter, newer printers on the block, but Anycubic’s Photon is still worth your consideration. Especially so for the next few hours, as Anycubic has slashed the Photon’s retail price, bringing it down to a handsomely slim $259, making it one of the cheapest (and, to us, well regarded) desktop resin printers.

The print volume is tiny at 115 x 65 x 155 mm, but what you lack in usable space is more than made up for in easy peasy high-detail printing.

This deal expires at 7.30 AM CEST.

Deal: Anycubic Photon – $259 – via Anycubic

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