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What can I use 3D printing for?

3D printing

The Youbionic hand
The Youbionic hand

The aircraft and automobile industries have been using 3D printing since the 1980s in order to produce prototypes quickly and inexpensively. Since 2005 3D printers have established outside of factories and design offices. 3D printers have become cheaper and cheaper, so 3D printing has become available to consumers.

So, what can 3D printing be used for today and in the future? Some of the applications are:

* Printing accessories such as smartphone cases and stands, cable holders, boxes, etc.

* Printing replacement parts.

* And even printing parts of a 3D printer.

* Printing toys and tools of all sorts.

* Printing art and jewelry.

* Printing fabrics.

* Printing 3D selfies.

* Printing houses or house parts.

Curvestand, a 3D printed iPad stand

* Producing equipment in space.

* Bioprinting (e.g. prosthetics and even artificial organs).

* Printing food (no joking).

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