3D Printers Worth $60,000 Stolen From Airwolf 3D

3D Printers Stolen

13 Axiom 3D Printers were stolen from Airwolf 3D’s warehouse in Costa Mesa, California. Video footage may lead to answers.

The 3D printing world got an unexpected jolt this week when two robbers broke into the Airwolf 3D warehouse in Costa Mesa, CA. The suspects took off with over $60,000 worth of stolen printers but, thankfully, they didn’t evade the security cameras.

Airwolf 3D is looking for any information on the two suspects or the stolen printers.


On Sunday June 5th, at approximately 6:00 AM a large champagne-colored Ford Econoline van drove into the parking lot outside the Costa Mesa warehouse. Security camera footage caught the vehicle swinging into position before reversing, ramming the car straight through the receiving door. Inside, the suspects picked up thirteen printers before driving off. What’s even more disturbing is that the entire operation took under three minutes, implying the break-in was very well planned.

Can Video Footage Lead to the Stolen 3D Printers?

The camera footage shows two suspects believed to be a man and a woman. The driver, dressed head-to-toe in camouflage, is seen jumping out the van for a brief moment, offering a small glimpse of him and the interior of his car.

The vehicle sustained damage to its rear bumper, which could help it be identified.

The Airwolf 3D security team is also looking to extract the van’s license plate from the blurry image. Airwolf 3D is asking those who live in the area to check out the security footage and alert authorities if they have any information.

Lastly, they are also asking those who discover the unauthorized sale of the Airwolf 3D Printers to contact them at or by calling at (949) 478-2933. You can also submit tips anonymously.

These are the Stolen AXIOM Printers’ Serial Numbers:


This is neither the first nor the last 3D Printer heist but it’s truly unfortunate that the culprits had to go after such a small-sized and active company like Airwolf 3D.

According to 3ders, the stolen printers were actually about to be shipped to a summer camp to get kids interested in STEM. Read more about the incident on the Airwolf3D website.