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Star Wars Lightsaber: This 3D Printed Lightsaber is Insanely Detailed

3D printed lightsaber

This 3D printed lightsaber is the ultimate Star Wars cosplay prop, with a cutaway design showing the internal construction of the hilt.

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Every serious Star Wars fan wants to have their own lightsaber. Most of us make do with the plastic replicas you can buy at the nearest toy shop. Others devote hundreds of hours crafting a unique replica from wood or metal.

But outside of buying an authentic prop from the films, this 3D printed lightsaber is perhaps the closest thing to the real deal.

Designed and made by Sean Charlesworth for Tested, this 3D printed lightsaber is dotted with tiny engravings and battle-scarred embellishments. Such an insane level of detail and craftsmanship is only have made possible with 3D printing.

Perhaps the most geektastic feature? A working button that lights up a plastic crystal in the hilt. This is a lightsaber typically used by the Dark Lords of the Sith; that eerie red glow is the dark side calling to you…

3D Printed Lightsaber Modelled on Old Camera Parts

The lightsaber hilt was fabricated with a stereolithographic (SLA) 3D printer, the Formlabs Form 2. It was then finished with LED lights and electronic components.

Charlesworth designed it so that some of the exterior panels are removable, offering a clear look at the interior. As you can see, it has the same ridiculous attention to detail.

In the video, he explains how he came up with this design using old camera parts — including a motion camera prism to resemble the crystal at the dark heart of the Sith lightsaber.

Charlesworth is also generous enough to make all his STL files available for free. That means if you have access to a SLA 3D printer, then you too can build your very own 3D printed lightsaber. The files are available to download on Pinshape, and Tested also promises to release a video with assembly instructions.

But before you get busy, Charlesworth has some advice on the best way to print out all the tiny parts of the kit. “You don’t want to print out a whole lightsaber side,” Charlesworth explains in the video. “You want it to be in sections so it’s easier to print.”

3d printed lightsaber
3d printed lightsaber parts