3D Printed Heels: Sexy & Comfy

3D Printed Heels

Thesis Couture brings you “Nike meets Jimmy Choo” with their incredibly engineered 3D Printed Heels. These shoes were really made for walking.

Everyone knows high heels are uncomfortable. It’s even a regular sitcom joke, or something a girl says to her friends on a weekly basis.

Honestly, it’s surprising that it’s taken so long for 3D printing to revolutionize the heel. We have 3D printed jewelry, clothes and sports shoes, but the heel? LA-based startup Thesis Couture is manned by designers, engineers, and Dolly Singh, previous head of talent acquisition at aerospace manufacturer, SpaceX.

The result is a fashionista dream come true. A qualified and dedicated team are working to re-invent the heel. Typical heel is based around a single shank that provides a solid platform by running along the bottom of the shoe. Unfortunately, these designs place some 75% ofootf the pressure on the balls of the feet. Youchie.

The team is planning to redistribute this pressure so it can be more evenly absorbed, resulting in less discomfort. To this end, Matt Thomas, who previously developed military-grade gear for the US Navy Seals, suggested moving away from hard metals and integrating plastics.

Yes, plastic. But there’s no need to worry. The new heels are made from a ballistic-grade polymer, and certainly not going to buckle under ordinary circumstances.

Best of all, a limited edition shoe will go on sale later this year, with two more collections ranging between $300 – 900 being released in 2016. After that, the technology will likely be licensed to other brands, opening up a whole new market.

The heel of the future is certainly in safe hands. Singh is not only a heel lover, but a dedicated entrepreneur, and she has big expectations.

“Five years from now,” she tells The Independent, “I want every high heel on the face of the Earth to be made the way we make them.”