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Fusion 360 Free Download – Is There a Free Version?


Fusion 360 by AutoDesk is available as a free download. But is it really free? The short answer is: Yes. The long answer: it’s a limited free trial (but with possible extensions to the 'trial' period). Keep reading for more details!

Is Fusion 360 right for me?

Fusion 360 render example
Fusion 360 render example Source: AutoDesk.com

Before downloading the Fusion 360 free software, it’s a good idea to determine whether or not the software is even right for you so you don’t waste your time and computer resources. Here are the key features and uses of the Fusion 360 free trial:

  • 3D modeling for industrial and mechanical design
  • Conversion of sketches into 3D designs
  • Variety of design methods, including parametric, sheet metal, free form, mesh, surface, assemblies and more
  • Secure web collaboration and versioning between team members
  • Data viewing and sharing on iOS and Android devices
  • Designs ready to be 3D printed and/or manufactured in a variety of ways
  • Physical simulations of static and thermal stress 
  • Photo realistic renderings using local or cloud-based processing

In summary, Fusion 360 is a powerful 3D design tool for everything from 3D printing and rendering to a variety of manufacturing methods.

Finally, before deciding to work with the software, you should check the full list computer requirements for Mac and PC. 


What is the real cost of the Fusion 360 'free' trial download?

Fusion 360 data can be viewed on mobile devices
Fusion 360 data can be viewed on mobile devices Source: AutoDesk

Sometimes ‘free’ trials actually have hidden costs or feature are disabled in some way.

That’s not the case with te Fusion 360 free trial. It’s actually free: For zero dollars you get the full software package without advertisements.

You can try the Fusion 360 free trial for 30 days. After that, some conditions apply.


What if I want to try Fusion 360 free for longer than 30 days?

Fusion 360 assembly modeling
Fusion 360 assembly modeling Source: AutoDesk

Sometimes 30 day trials are just not enough. But unless you’re a medium to large business, the Fusion 360 free trial remains free beyond the initial 30 days. To be more specific, Fusion 360 is remains free under the following conditions:


The Fusion 360 free trial is powerful and really is free to try

Fusion 360 motion study
Fusion 360 motion study Source: AutoDesk

Fusion 360 is powerful design tool and is in most cases free for an extended period of time, depending on if you qualify and what your needs are. AutoDesk even provides access to a lot of great training information once you sign up (login required), also at no additional cost.

Of course, if you need support directly from Autodesk, you will need to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription. However, that may well be worth the cost if you find you’re using the software consistently or building your business and need professional support.

Otherwise, the Fusion 360 free ‘trial’ may be just what you’re looking for to do a variety of 3D design work.

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Toy made in Fusion 360
Toy made in Fusion 360 Source: All3DP

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