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20 Best Amazon Echo Dot Accessories in 2017 to 3D Print

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by Bulent Yusuf
October 4, 2017

The Amazon Echo Dot is a big seller on the online megastore. Here's a collection of some of the best echo dot accessories to 3D print.

There’s a new toy in the ALL3DP offices, and its name is Echo Dot. It barks weather updates and lame jokes at regular intervals, plus radio stations we might like. It’s neat — perhaps even a little dictatorial — but undeniably useful.

Which is exactly the point with Amazon’s Alexa service and Echo devices. For a relatively low price, you get a voice-controlled personal assistant.

Did you know…? You can also use 3D printing to enhance the device to have greater versatility and audio quality. To this end, we’ve scoured the web for mounts and cases to print yourself for that personal touch.

Oh, and if you don’t have access to a 3D printer, you can easily have the parts printed by a professional 3D printing service. To get the best price, check out All3DP’s price comparison service.

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Best Echo Dot Accessories Wall Mount

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Wall Mount

Let’s start with the most popular accessory for the Echo Dot. This simple, elegant design has two nail holes or countersink screw options which allow for easy mounting to the wall. Similarly, a version is available with a more snug fit so it can be mounted to the ceiling. Because, you know, some folks are totally comfortable with a listening device hanging over their heads.

Made by TinkeringT

Download from Thingiverse.

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Best Echo Dot Accessories Sound Enhancer

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Sound Enhancer

The Echo Dot speaker is good, but it’s not loud enough for some. If you need a little bit more punch, you can 3D print this sound enhancer that also doubles as a wall mount. It functions as a passive speaker that makes your device sound louder by bouncing sound waves from the print surface. It won’t be as loud and crisp as a real active amplifier, but it’s an easy enhancement.

Made by Antonio Bruno

Download from Thingiverse.


Best Echo Dot Accessories Alex-Star

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Alex-Star

In a certain light, the Amazon Echo Dot speaker looks uncannily like a Death Star. Not convinced? Okay, maybe this dedicated enclosure will bring you over to the dark side. This project is ranked medium difficulty, because it actually requires you to “tear down” the Echo Dot and reassemble the components inside this custom case. But certainly worth the effort to impress Lord Vader.

Made by Thomas Janczewski

Download from Thingiverse.


Best Echo Dot Accessories Acoustic Case

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Acoustic Case

Here we have a passive amplifier that looks like a stubby peppermill with perforations along the bottom. The design should provide a noticeable improvement to the Echo Dot’s downward firing speaker. It looks like a pretty easy print job, too; support is only required for the cable opening at the side of the tower.

Made by Ivailo Mitkov

Download from Thingiverse.

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Best Echo Dot Accessories Acoustic Horn

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Acoustic Horn

Another passive speaker to amplify the sound from your Echo Dot (and it won’t be the last on this list). This model uses a set of “fingers” to prop up its precious payload, and functions as an acoustic horn that projects the sound from the bottom then outwards.

Made by Joseph Campbell

Download from Thingiverse.


Best Echo Dot Accessories Snap Fit Wall Mount

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Snap Fit Wall Mount

This is a minimalist wall mount for the Echo Dot which takes the form of a snap fit cradle. The easiest way to afix your Amazon Dot to the wall is by using some 3M strips. A second version of this Amazon Echo mount has holes for drywall screws. It’s an easy print, though if you have trouble with sizing then it’s recommended that you scale the model up by 1% or so.

Made by Tim Walsh

Download from Thingiverse.

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Best Echo Dot Accessories Wall Mount Remix

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Wall Mount Remix

This Echo Dot accessory is a remix of the popular Wall Mount design, with a few design tweaks that users may come to prefer. For one thing, there are countersunk screwholes for mounting. For another, the mount holes now line up with the USB/Audio jacks. There are also contoured grooves in the base to deflect sound from the speaker outwards. All in all a very considered enhancement, and textbook example of standing on the shoulders of giants.

Made by Stephen Ludgate

Download from Thingiverse.

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Best Echo Dot Accessories Acoustic Stand

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Acoustic Stand

For a bit of kitchen camoflage, transform your Echo Dot into an ersatz hot pot. Also, it can make your device significantly louder. Printing difficulty here is medium; it’s in four parts, and you’ll need supports when printing the cradle, where there is a gap for the USB/Audio cables.

Made by Gene S

Download from Thingiverse.

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Best Echo Dot Accessories Doughnut

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Doughnut

Staying in the Kitchen, the doughnut is a mount to position your Echo Dot under cabinets and cupboards. Surely, one of the coolest Echo Dot accessories to own. The design also directs the sound forward and around the dot. A very nice, practical implementation. Just don’t let it fall in the soup.

Made by Mark

Download from Thingiverse.

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Best Echo Dot Accessories Stand

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Stand

This is a case for the Echo Dot V2 with some nice design details. There’s a circular slot on the base for a strand of Ninjaflex filament that will keep it from sliding on slick surfaces. This is not compulsory of course, but the option is there if you need it. There’s also a hole through the bottom to help you remove the Dot from the Stand if the fit is too tight. Just push the Dot free with the eraser side of a pencil.

Made by Randall Mears

Download from Thingiverse.


Best Echo Dot Accessories Low Poly Cover

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Low Poly Cover

No list of 3D printed things is complete without at least one low-poly design rearing its angular head.  And why not? They’re simple and clean, a doddle to fabricate, and pretty much the signature style of any 3D printing connoisseur. Here we have another remix of the ever-popular wall mount, but with a thicker shell and greater enclosure. But no passive audio enhancement, so far as we can tell.

Made by Matt

Download from Thingiverse.

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Best Echo Dot Accessories Echo Dot + Anker SoundCore Mini Stand

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Echo Dot + Anker SoundCore Mini Stand

The majority of 3D printed Echo Dot accessories are either wall mounts or passive amplifiers (or both). Here’s a design that goes that extra step to boost the device’s sound, pairing it up with a Anker SoundCore mini speaker then concealing both inside a tower. In this compact form factor, the Amazon Alexa starts to resemble the original Echo whilst being dramatically louder.

Made by Andy Leer

Download from Thingiverse.

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Best Echo Dot Accessories Flower Holder

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Flower Holder

This model is a remix of a remix, where a maker further customised a wall mount design with a feminine touch for his wife’s walk-in wardrobe. We reckon the addition of flower petals is elegant and tasteful, though it’s an entirely personal decision how you’d prefer to accessorize your Echo Dot.

Made by Danny Eakins

Download from Thingiverse.

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Best Echo Dot Accessories Wall Cradle

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Wall Cradle

This wall cradle is slightly different from the other model on this list, in that it’s not snap fit. Also, it has pronged feet where it rests against the wall, so you’ll be saving yourself some filament and printing time in making one. This is one of the best Echo Dot accessories to own.

Made by andrew holmes

Download from Thingiverse.

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Best Echo Dot Accessories Mount Mount

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Mount Mount

How about a mounting bracket for your mounting bracket? No wait, we’re not crazy, hear us out for a second. Printed together with the wall mount design, this extra bracket allows you to afix the Amazon Echo Dot (2nd generation) onto the power brick over the wall outlet. Always visible, save counter space and no mounting holes. For relocation, just unplug and bring it wherever you want.

Made by Bin Sun

Download from Thingiverse.


Best Echo Dot Accessories Wall Plate

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Wall Plate

Whoah, now this is a little crazy. For some folks, mounting the Echo Dot to the wall simply isn’t good enough. They want to embed that little sucker right into the wall and wire it up to the mains. For the finishing touch, frame it with a plate so it has a flush surface. A neat solution, just so long as you’re prepared to crack a hole in your masonry.

Made by neal patterson

Download from Thingiverse.

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Best Echo Dot Accessories Holder

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Holder

Here’s a chunky design that looks kinda appealing, especially if you’d like to disguise your Echo Dot as a smoke alarm. This is one of the coolest Echo Dot accessories to have. The designer reckons you’ll need to add some bridging supports for the USB socket, however. And this model is still a work in progress, so modifications may be released at some point in the future.

Made by Ian Robinson

Download from Thingiverse.

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Best Echo Dot Accessories Skeleton Mount

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Skeleton Mount

Many enclosures designed for the Echo Dot tend to be a complete wraparound design. This leads to a snug fit, which is important if you’re securely attaching it to the wall, but it can be a pain if you need to take the device out every now and then. This skeleton style mount fits the Dot fits while being easy to remove. Plus, there’s no need to unplug the USB cord thus making it one of the coolest Echo Dot accessories.

Made by Elefant Man

Download from Thingiverse.


Best Echo Dot Accessories M&S Intercom Mount

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: M&S Intercom Mount

One enterprising maker has re-purposed an old intercom system in his house with an Echo Dot. This is specifically for an M&S Nortek NW65RS / N65RS. This is one of the coolest Echo Dot accessories as the final effect has an ancient piece of tech coming alive with the light of an unearthly blue halo. Its a strange design that we can admire at a distance, but we’re not so sure we’d want to implement it ourselves.

Made by Nihar Mehta

Download from Thingiverse.


Best Echo Dot Accessories Mount for UE Boom

Image of Best Echo Dot Accessories: Mount for UE Boom

Another 3D printed accessory to seamlessly join the Amazon Echo Dot together with a louder speaker, this time the powerful and capable UE Boom from Logitech. This design stacks one on top of the other, with the final result resembling a light saber on steroids.

Made by Hsiao-yu Chen

Download from Thingiverse.

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