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15 Greatest Legend of Zelda Props You Can 3D Print

Zelda props

One of the most brilliant ideas of “Legend of Zelda” inventor Shigeru Miyamoto is to reuse the Zelda props throughout all the games. Be it the Master Sword, the shield, bombs and boomerangs, or even special items like the Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask, they all stick to our collective minds. Without further ado, here are the greatest The Legend of Zelda Props to 3D print.

Without further ado, here are the greatest The Legend of Zelda Props to 3D print.

Legend of Zelda Props #1: Zelda Master Sword (Size 2)


What is it? It’s a smaller version of Link’s sword, which is more suited for cosplay. It is also also easier to print and to assemble. As you might have guessed from the title, there’s another version, which is considerably bigger – not only to 3D print, but also to wield. This gives you the option as to which Link you would like to cosplay as, because his sword is different sizes in different games.

Who made it? Lloyd Roberts did both versions of this 3D printed Zelda prop.

Where can I get it? Right here on MyMiniFactory.

Legend of Zelda Props #2: Ocarina of Time

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What is it? The Ocarina of Time is a unique ocarina secretly handed down for generations by Hyrule’s Royal Family. You can now 3D print this working Zelda replica – just don‘t expect it to conjure up storms or alter the timeline.

If you want to learn this Zelda prop, try these finger guides at Smule.

Who made it? Maker hockenmaier based on a design by seggybob.

Where can I get it? Right here on Thingiverse.

Legend of Zelda Props #3: Goddess Chest


What is it? It‘s the Goddess Chest from “Skyward Sword”. The chest even plays the opening jingle as you open it.

Who made it? Xeijix, an electrical engineer specializing in software.

Where can I get it? Right here on Instructables. All the 3D print files for this Zelda prop are free.

Legend of Zelda Props #4: Clawshot

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-23 um 14.44.21

What is it? One of the most beautiful Legend of Zelda props: The Clawshot (don’t mess it up with the hookshot). It’s an item first seen in Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

Who made it? A maker called TheKretchfoop. It‘s not an easy Zelda prop to make, but you should be able to 3D print and paint it in two days.

Where can I get it? Free for all on Thingiverse.

Legend of Zelda Props # 5: Majora’s Mask

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-23 um 14.54.30

What is it? The mask which causes so much trouble “Majora’s Mask”. The Zelda prop mask is scaled to be wearable. It should be close to “lifesized”. It comes in two parts which you have to glue together.

Who made it? A guy by the moniker of ferreusveritas.

Where can I get it? You’ll get it for free at Thingiverse.

Legend of Zelda Props #7: Fancy Triforce Pendant


What is it? There’s a ton of 3d printable Triforce pendants out there. This one caught our eye as it’s an easy print and the embossed surface looks just right.

Who made it? Maker Cowkitty.

Where can I get it? Right here on Thingiverse.

Legend of Zelda Props #8: Crest of Hyrule Mantlepiece


What is it? According to the designer, this was “designed and printed for my friend’s birthday party as a trophy for a video game competition he is hosting.” What a nice gift this makes!

Who made it? Mr_MegaTronic.

Where can I get it? For free at Thingiverse. 

Legend of Zelda Props #9: Zelda’s Lullaby Ring


What is it? A gold plated 3D printed ring. Quite clevery, it contains the information on the button presses you need to play Zeldas Lullaby. “Only Royal Family members are allowed to learn this song. Remember, it will help to prove your connection with the Royal Family.”

Who made it? Peregrine Studios. They also offer versions in stainless steel and bronze plated steel.

Where can I get it? You can buy it for €32.78 at Shapeways.

Legend of Zelda Props # 10: Complete Item Set


What is it? This is the big one: The full “The Legend of Zelda: Complete Item Set”. All these props could be found in the original first NES-Game.

Who made it? They were made by a shop called Hyrule Foundry. The Zelda props you see here are made from 3D printed sandstone. The price is steep: €349.74, but single items also can be ordered directly through Shapeways – just follow the link below. 

Where can I get it? Right here on Shapeways.

Legend of Zelda Props # 11: Zelda’s Bow


What is it? If you’re into “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”, you know this Zelda prop. You might also have seen it in “Super Smash Bros”.  The 3d printed Zelda prop incorporates RGB LEDs and Arduino for lighting effects and magnets for connecting pieces. Be advised: It’s a difficult piece to make.

Who made it? Scott Fisher made this adorable Zelda prop: “I created this for cosplay and it turned out quite well. The most difficult part of this build is all of the LEDs. An upgraded version of this bow might include a custom etched PCB so that all of the wiring is not required.” Everything on this bow is removable with the exception of the handle connecting the left half parts of the bow permanently. Everything else is attached with neodymium magnets so that the electronics can be accessed and adjusted or fixed.

Where can I get it? Get the designs at MyMiniFactory.

Legend of Zelda Props # 12: Link’s Shield


What is it? It’s a 3d printed Zelda cosplay beauty.  This is over 450mm long and prints in just 2 parts. You can build the shield to go along with Link’s wooden sword.

Who made it? The Ruiz Brothers made it and published the instructions at Adafruit. It‘s not very complicated to 3d print, but the painting could take some time.

Where can I get it? You can get the instructions over at Adafruit.

Legend of Zelda Props # 13: Zelda Breakable Pot Playset


What is it? Have you ever thought about how many pots you’ve smashed while playing a Zelda game? Here‘s a 3D printed Zelda prop with a twist: If you hit it, it goes to pieces – and you might even find a rupee.

Who made it?  It‘s a fun piece from Chris Caplan. The pieces are held together with magnets. Just put a 3d printed rupee inside, then throw the pot!

Where can I get it?  At MyMiniFactory.

Legend of Zelda Props # 14: LOZ Rupees


What is it? Rupees! The first few hours in the game, you can’t have enough of them to buy that shield or some bombs. Then you collect way too many and can’t find a good item to spend them on. As you nearing the final boss fight, you need them again for any potion you can grab.

Who made it?  There are many makes for 3D printed rupees. This one’s from AnsarumFor an authentic feel, 3D print them in Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Purple, Orange, or Silver.

Where can I get it? Right here on Thingiverse.

Legend of Zelda Props # 15: The Legend of Zelda NES Cartridge


What is it? It’s a replica of the famous golden cartridge of the original “The Legend of Zelda” NES-Game. If you’re into Zelda props, this should be on your 3D printing list.

Who made it?  A guy called Charizardtamer.

Where can I get it? We found this model on Tinkercad.