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Wimbledon Coffee Machine Prints Selfies onto your Drink

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The Wimbledon tennis tournament is in full swing, where Lavazza is offering cappuccinos with a twist — a 3D printed foam selfie.

Deep in the bowels of Wimbledon, a suburb of West London, there’s a coffee machine adorning fresh cappuccinos with the grim visage of Andy Murray. It’s practically the stuff of nightmares.

Ah, but we’re kidding. It’s actually a bit of fun to liven up the boredom of queuing for tickets at the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

Punters are being served free drinks from an awesome new coffee machine, the Ripple Maker, which can print detailed 3D images onto the surface of their cappuccino.

And it’s not just famous players appearing in the foam. Images of tennis balls, rackets, and even your own face can be printed directly onto your drink.

The stunt is sponsored by Italian coffee maker Lavazza in collaboration with marketing agency Amplify.

Ripple Maker at Wimbledon: Game, Set & Match

For the last five years, Lavazza has held a series of coffee-themed events at Wimbledon; last year tennis star Caroline Wozniacki hosted a coffee break experience for the waiting fans.

This year the Ripple Maker — developed by Israeli company Steam CC — is the centre of attention. The process is as simple as pressing a button to print an image onto the foam of a cappuccino or latte.

Elements of inkjet technology and 3D printing are used, but thankfully it doesn’t alter the taste of your drink. Ripple Pods containing coffee extract is used as the “filament” in the printing process, which is kept in the machine and released through nozzles to create your selfie.

The Wimbledon tennis tournament began on 27 June and has entered its final week, ending on 10 July. If you’re lucky enough to be attending this year, then make sure to grab a coffee while you’re at it. You never know whose face you’ll find on it.