3D Printed Watches

Thanks To 3D Printing, Vintage Pocket Watches Are Back

3d printed watch

If you’ve always wished to have a unique antique timepiece that works, there may be a 3D printed watch for you. 

Vortic Watches is a small watchmaking company in Fort Collins, Colorado. They are crafting beautiful vintage watches with the contrasting cutting-edge technology that is 3D printing.

As you can read on the Vortic website, their mission is to bring back quality manufacturing to the watch market again: “Before the United States got away from watchmaking in the mid-1900’s, we produced millions of beautiful, high-quality pocket watches that became more than just a way to tell time. The domestically made pocket watches became heirlooms that were passed down through generations, signifying the deep roots of quality manufacturing in America that, while covered with dirt, still exist today.”


This is brought together with a leather band to tie everything together, thanks to this process, each 3D printed watch is unique.

The company source original railroad-era pocket watch dials, movements, and hands that they then turn into finished 3D printed watches using the help of a Form 1+ SLA 3D printer.

Why do Vortic use 3D Printing?


Vortic found that it was impossible to find a manufacturer who was able to make a single watch case design that worked for all of their internal components – or “movements.” So they turned to 3D printing watch parts to make the original materials to customize inserts and prototype watch cases.

They are now able to have a unique design for each watch they find, creating an insert to keep everything secure and precise for each specific movement.

Vortic began its process on Kickstarter in 2014 and decided to try and support other companies also backed by the crowdfunding platform. Vortic said: “We found Formlabs on Kickstarter… and noticed how much more accurate resolution SLA was than the ABS that we had been looking at… the Form 1+ seemed like the best choice of the SLA printers on the market.”

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Having a 3D printer saves money and time as Vortic can test and tweak their cases as 3D printed prototypes before they are sent out for final manufacturing.

Soon, Vortic is planning or printing and casting their unique watch designs by using Castable Resin, in addition to Clear. If you want to find out more about their inspiration or collection, you can visit their website.