Open Source

Imitation & Flattery
Best Prusa i3 Kit: 24 Best Prusa i3 Clones & Prusa i3 MK2

What's the best RepRap Prusa i3 kit? Read our guide to 24 Prusa i3 clones on the market today, plus a review of the Original Prusa i3 MK2.

Czech it Out
Original Prusa i3 MK2 Review: It Doesn’t Get Any Better

This is where 3D printing is right now, according to Thomas Sanladerer. Read his detailed and enthusiastic Original Prusa i3 MK2 review.

Gears of More
How to Keep Your LulzBot Mini in Tip-Top Shape

It's a tidy powerhouse of a desktop 3D printer, but it still needs some TLC. Here are some Lulzbot Mini maintenance tips from Aleph Objects.

Double Dragon
BCN3D Sigma Review: A Fantastic 3D Printer

The BCN3D Sigma is not just a fantastic 3D printer for dual extrusion; it's a fantastic 3D printer, full stop. Read our BCN3D Sigma review.

Open Source
This is the First 3D Printed Laptop Case

The first ever 3D printed laptop case has arrived after many months of trial sessions, and it's released under an open source license.

Lulzbot TAZ 6 Review: Bigger, Better, Stronger

Do open source 3D printers still have a place in today's proprietary world? Read Thomas Sanladerer's Lulzbot TAZ 6 review and find out.

No Laughing Matter
LulzBot Mini Review: This Mighty 3D Printer Does the Job

The LulzBot Mini is an open-source desktop 3D printer which is an absolute joy to use on a day-to-day basis. Read our LulzBot Mini review.

God of Fire
BQ Hephestos 2 Review: 3D Printer In-depth Test

Can a 3D printer be open source AND offer a stress-free experience? In his BQ Hephestos 2 review, Thomas Sanladerer reckons this machine comes pretty close.

Mr. Robot Arm
BCN3D Moveo: Fully Open Source 3D Printed Robot Arm

BCN3D Technologies announce the BCN3D Moveo, an open source 3D printed robot arm developed with the Catalonian Department of Education.

Never Stop Never Stopping
Batch Works use Ultimaker 2+ as a Perpetual Printing Machine

London startup Batch Works have devised an ingenious perpetual printing process for a standard Ultimaker 2+, and it's completely open source.

3D printed accessories
Print Your Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Parts

That d*mn nozzle broke again? Why print your accessories or replacement parts yourself? Hoover released two official 3D printable vacuum cleaner accessories on Thingiverse.

New Release
Cura 2.4 Update: New Slicing Features, Usability Improvements

Ultimaker has released Cura 2.4, the latest update to their open source 3D printing slicer software. Learn about the new features here.

Laser Tag
Laser Cutter Converted Into Open Source SLS 3D Printer

Researchers at Rice University hacked a commercial Laser Cutter to create a cheap, open source SLS 3D Printer for regenerative medicine and experimenting.

New and Improved
Cura Software Update with All New Features

Now available to download, the latest and greatest version of Cura has raised the bar for 3D printing. Open Source software for the win!

Knowledge Sharing
BCN3D Sigma Blueprints Fully Open Sourced

In a remarkable step, BCN3D Technologies have open-sourced the design files and software for their high-end BCN3D Sigma 3D printer.