For Consumers & Small Businesses
Metal 3D Printer Guide 2017 – All About Metal 3D Printing

Read our big metal 3D printer guide about metal 3D printing at home & industrial, metal 3D printers, technologies, applications and more.

Filament Shootout
PLA vs ABS: Filaments for 3D Printing Explained & Compared

PLA vs ABS: Which 3D printer filament should you use? We simply explain the differences and the fields of application of ABS and PLA Filament.

Safety First
12 Vital Facts About Food Safe 3D Printing

If 3D printing mugs or plates for the kitchen, they must be safe for contact with food. Here are 12 vital facts about food safe 3D printing.

For Consumers & Small Businesses
Metal 3D Printer Guide 2017 – All About Metal 3D Printing

Read our complete metal 3D printer guide about home & industrial metal 3D printing, metal 3D printers, technologies, applications and more.

Monoprice’s “MP Select Mini V2”: Great New Features and a $219 Price Tag

Have you been wondering which budget 3D printer to buy? Check out the Monoprice MP Select Mini 3D Printed V2 costing just $219.

The Right Choice for Filament
3D Printing Filament Buyers Guide

To find the best 3d printing filament for your needs, there are many things you should consider. Here are the most important questions answered.

Loot Crate
Maker Box is a Monthly Subscription for 3D Printing Filament & Tools

Fancy a box of exotic 3D printing filament and handy maker tools delivered to your doorstep every month? The Maker Box subscription service has you covered.

Print the Legend
What Would it Take to 3D Print a 1:1 Scale Death Star?

A 3D printed Death Star in its original size - that’s a 3d printing project of galactic proportions. We have crunched the numbers.

3d printing for beginners
Filament advice – 5 things to consider before you buy

New to the world of 3D printing? Never fear! We have some practical advice to share regarding the important topic of PLA/ABS filament.

3D Printed Speakers
3D Printed Speaker Rocks!

More and more people are creating their own designs and their own 3D printed audio speaker models. Why not print your own?

Renaissance Printing
nGen from ColorFabb is a Next Generation Filament

ColorFabb doesn't want you to choose between form and function. Their new nGen filament is attractive, practical, durable, and ready for printing.

Eco Prints
3D Printing Filament: Print with Recycled PET

When it comes to 3D printing filament, PET offers the characteristics to elevate 3D printing to the next level.

ESA is 3D Printing CubeSat for Faster and Cheaper Missions

ESA is 3D printing CubeSat with a unique PEEK plastic that's tough and conducts electricity, potentially leading to cheaper, faster missions.

Print Green
Landfillament: 3D Printing with Upcycled Trash

Why not try 3D printing with garbage? Landfillament is a trash-based 3D printing filament made using upcycled Municipal Solid Waste (MSW).

Saving the Planet
Protoprint Tackles Poverty & Pollution with Recycled Plastic Filament

Protoprint is a social enterprise empowering waste pickers in urban India and turning recycled plastic into filament for your 3D printer.