3D Printed Toys

No Spin Zone
32 Great DIY Fidget Toys & Fidget Spinner Alternatives

It's time to invest in finger friendly gizmos. Here are 32 great DIY fidget toys & fidget spinner alternatives to DIY or buy.

Play time
Cool 3D Printed Toys: 11 Ideas for Children of all Ages

From monsters and drones to dolls... It's like a kid in a candy store. Here are 10 coolest 3D printed toys for children of all ages.

Let the battle commence
20 Best Custom Nerf Gun Attachments to 3D Print

The days of simple single-firing Nerf guns are over. Embrace the new age and retrofit your arsenal with the best custom Nerf gun attachments.

Autodesk 123D tutorial
How to Make a Yo-Yo in Autodesk 123D

A 3D printed yo-yo is an ideal beginner's project - it is easy to create a 3D model in a modeling software such as the free Autodesk 123D.

Show Me What You Got
Top 21 Rick and Morty Toys, Figures & Collectibles to 3D Print

We've trawled the web for these 3D printable Rick and Morty toys and figurines so you don't have to. Show a little love, and Get Schwifty!

20 Most Popular 3D Printing Models on MyMiniFactory in 2015

These are the most popular 3D printing models on MyMiniFactory in 2015, based on the activity and likes of the community members.

Make It Yourself
34 Best 3D Printed Fidget Spinners (You Can DIY or Buy)

Looking for the best 3D printed fidget spinner toys? Here's a list of 34 best 3D printed fidget spinners you can DIY or buy.

Your Perfect Lookalike
Makies Dolls: Frequently Asked Questions

3D printed Makies are the dolls of the future. Here's everything you always wanted to know about Makies Dolls (but were afraid to ask)

The Return of the Fumbling Dice
Twiddle Cube: Beware of The Fake Fidget Toys

Remember Fidget Cube, the Kickstarter craze? Now there’s a competitor "Twiddle Cube". But we found a lot of disturbing information on it.

3D Printed Figurines
Print Yourself as Star Wars or Marvel Character

Disney is experimenting with 3D printing in its Research Labs, so you can have your personalized Marvel or Star-Wars-Stormtrooper action figure.

The next step in 3D selfies
3D selfies evolve: Design your posable robot

3D selfies evolve. Instead of printing a statue, you can become a fully posable figurine. The same applies to cool, self-designed toy robots.

Game of Thrones
Cyvasse: 3D Print Your Game of Thrones

Want to play Cyvasse, the fictional board game from TV series Game of Thrones? Then take a look at this incredible fan project.

3D Printed Toys
3D Printed Toys from Hasbro

Game giant Hasbro, who will be attending Spielwarenmesse 2015 in Nuernberg, lets fans make their custom Star Wars, Transformers, My Little Pony figurines

3D printing how to
First Steps With Your New 3D Printer

Got a new 3D printer? This article guides you through the first steps and provides you with a lot of ideas and free 3D models you can print.

Print My Ride
Stunning 3D Printed Car Replica for just $4,99

If you like car replicas, Maurizio Casella’s designs are just right for you. His collection of 3D printable cult cars has just been updated.