CAD for Cats (and Other Animals)

The CAP Project uses 3D Printing to Help Pets in Need

CAP Project

This heart-warming story of 3D printing coming to the rescue of animals in need can really brighten up your day.

A group of volunteers came together to form the CAP Project (Computer Aided Pets Project). Their mission is to design and print assistive devices for pets, such as 3D printed prosthetics. If you feel like it, you can get involved, too.

Based on geographical location, a pet in need will be paired up with a volunteer. The project explains on their website: “The CAP Project goal is to help any pet we can with affordable prosthetics as well as to demonstrate the capabilities that 3D printing has in the medical industry.”

Their aim is to help pets to live their life as easily as possible. Currently, the CAP Project are working with various sanctuaries and groups to make this possible.


How to become a Volunteer

Volunteers with 3D printing knowledge and access to a 3D printer are helping make this project a reality. By using CAD modelling programs, they create custom assistive devices for local animals in need. As of right now, the CAP Project does not accept monetary donations, as they “feel there is currently no need for financial help. The best way you can donate is with your time by becoming a volunteer or by helping in other ways. We are in need of more volunteers in geographically diverse locations.”

The CAP Project matches volunteers and animals in need based on their geographical location. This way, a volunteer can easily be on hand to change and modify a 3D design as needed. Currently, the project has branches in Rancho Cucamonga, California, Tokyo, Japan and Beijing, China. If you want to add your own branch, you can easily contact the company to do so.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t have your own 3D printer. Volunteers are needed for the project to work on everything from translating, assembling kits, or raising awareness, as well as 3D printing devices.

To encourage you to use your skills for good, the project said: “This is a great way to teach people in your community about 3D printing and it’s capabilities!”

Are you interested in being a volunteer? Simply follow the Get Involved link on the CAP Project page. If you have a pet which needs an assistive device, then head to the “Need a Device” button under the “Design” button.

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(Source: The CAP Project)

Brandon Herbst places prosthetic feet on a duck named, Philip, under the watchful eye of a turkey named, Monty, Friday, April 22, 2016 at the Autumn Farm Animal Sanctuary he owns along with his wife in Cedarburg, Wis. The Muscovy duck, which lost its feet to frostbite, was given prosthetic feet made by Oshkosh teacher Jason Jischke with a 3D printer. He is now permanent resident at the farm. MARK HOFFMAN/MHOFFMAN@JOURNALSENTINEL.COM