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Test Target Beauty Products Before you Buy with AR Makeup Studio

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by Hanna Watkin
May 21, 2018

Target is using Augmented Reality (AR) to help customers decide whether their chosen product really suits them in a sanitary way. The technology is now available and will see future features such as help from online Beauty Concierges.

Anyone who regularly buys make-up knows the hassle of purchasing the wrong color. Your options are either to try makeup on in a store which is pretty messy and unsanitary, to say the least, or risk buying a product which doesn’t suit your look.

However, Target, the American discount store company, is offering a way to stay sanitary, not sticky and pretty sure you’re buying the right lipstick shade. Their chosen way of doing this is with an at-home makeup studio using AR technology.

Like the technology used by Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, Target’s Beauty Studio feature layers the makeup over your face. You can try on blush, mascara, and lipstick in this way and decide which suits you best.


It’s possible to use the technology on the company’s desktop or mobile site. However, if you’re already in the store, it’ll also possible to try on a new AR look there too – although that does take out the fun of having a customer service provider pile the makeup on for you.

Try it Online & Receive Beauty Advice

Target Beauty Studio was developed in partnership with Perfect Corp’s YouCam Makeup tool. By relying on technology from YouCam, Target can scan faces and place the product on top.

Customers can either take a photo to ask a friend’s opinion or simply view their new look in real-time. It certainly cuts down on the time needed to drive to a store, try on makeup and make a decision.

However, the technology is also available in 10 select stores. Simply visit the beauty department and you’ll be able to try on makeup via a digital screen. Target is also planning on adding more in-store access later this year so, even if you are at the store, you don’t have to dab lipstick on your hand.

Finally, if you need any advice other than from friends who receive your photos, Target will be introducing online Beauty Concierges. Keeping up with the tech trend, a pop-up on the website will message you to let you know what suits you, if you ask, of course. Alternatively, text BeautyChat to Target (aka 827492) and you’ll receive quick responses to your queries.

Source: Engadget 


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