Gold-plated dice

3D Printed Steampunk Dice

3D printed Steampunk dice

Steampunk d6 dice
Steampunk d6 dice (source: i.Materialise)

Dice have been around longer than most people think. Asian societies have records of dice related artifacts in their history. In fact, there is a 5000 years old backgammon set relic that was discovered in Southern Iran. Today, the first thing most people think of when the word “dice” is mentioned is casino games. The mere thought of throwing a pair of dice and seeing them rolling over the table sends a tingle down the spine of most gamblers.

So, how about a very special 3D printed steampunk dice? When you’re into it, designer Seth Alexander, has created the right things for you: the 3D printed Steampunk d6 dice[/nd the [aeampunk d20 dice[/al>

Steampunk d20 dice (source: i.Materialise)
Steampunk d20 dice (source: i.Materialise)

These polyhedral dice are made of stainless steel; they are gold-plated and polished. They can be ordered from i.Materialise for 35 Euro each.