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Smart Mirror On The Wall, Create Me Some 3D Printed Makeup

3D printed makeup

Panasonic’s new ‘Smart Mirror’ analyzes your face and creates 3D printed makeup sheets – tailored to hide your skin’s imperfections.

The best way to solve our beauty problems is to ‘face’ them, that’s exactly what the new Japanese ‘Smart Mirror’ aims to do.

At CEATEC Japan 2016, tech giant Panasonic showcased its latest beauty wonder — a Smart Mirror that makes a ‘3D Printed Makeup Sheet’.

This new Smart Mirror technology works by first measuring how your skin reflects and absorbs light. Some beauty problems such as blemish spots are obvious while others below the skin are harder to see.

Using the wrong makeup for your skin type can make problem areas even worse. So how do you know what your skin needs? The Smart Mirror will tell you.

To see a demonstration, watch the video below:

New Smart Mirror Makes 3D Printed Makeup

The Smart Mirror looks just like an ordinary vanity mirror with lights on the sides to illuminate your face. However, the mirror part is also a screen. As you sit in front of it, it quickly scans your face for wrinkles, acne spots or uneven tone.

In 3-2-1, the digital overlay on the mirror shows the main areas to target by highlighting them on the screen.

The Smart Mirror gives you recommendations for beauty treatments such as exfoliation, or serums to hide the appearance of wrinkles or improve pigmentation. Based on your information, you can then print a thin film of makeup for your skin.

The 3D Printed Makeup Sheet is made of a concealer tailored especially for you. A special device is attached to your head like a pair of sunglasses and gently applies the thin sheet of makeup to your face. Once applied, it improves the physical appearance of your skin and is easily removable with soap and water.

In the future, Panasonic hopes to use this technology to create ‘medical makeup’ for people who want to cover scars or other skin imperfections.

Source: Press Release

3d printed makeup