SLA 3D printing

Peachy 3D Printer finally available for just $100

SLA 3D printing

If you want an incredibly cheap, but versatile SLA 3D printer, the Peachy Printer might be the right choice for you. It just costs 100 bucks and also can print in mixable colors. 

SLA 3D printing, also called “laser sintering”, is on its way to slowly take over the 3D printing universe. In 3D printing, innovations and new technology appear almost daily. At the moment, SLA 3D printers (the ones where light rays harden out a liquid) are mushrooming. They deliver new approaches how to 3D print with resin. The market of FFF 3D printers (the ones with filament rolls and nozzles) may slowly be exhausted, although it seems both technologies will coexist next to each other for a while.

In part 1 of this series, I have explained what SLA 3D printing is and tried to show you the momentum the whole development in this area has gained. Part 2 focused on the DIY aspect. Yes, you can build a SLA 3D printer on your own – if you’ve got a projector at hand. When new DIY projects spark up every week, new technologies to print faster and mire accurate are trying to compete with each other, you slowly begin to feel it in your bones: Something is going on in 3D printing land.

From rags to 3D printers

Small details from a 100$ 3D (source: Peachy Printer)
Such detail from a $100 3D printer… wow. (source: Peachy Printer)

Which brings us to the Peachy Printer SLA 3D printer. While for parts, the DIY 3D printers featured in part 2 cost about $20 to $50 as a DIY solution, the next best thing you can get is the Peachy Printer. It costs only $100 and as such is the cheapest SLA 3D printer you can currently buy. You have to take some time to assemble the parts yourself, but the software and parts are ready-made. What you assemble is mainly the printhead, while you can attach the printer to pretty much everything which holds the liquid resin.

Assemble the printer yourself you must. (source: Peachy Printer)
Assemble the printer yourself you must. (source: Peachy Printer)

Peachy Printer’s success story is the story of Rylan Grayston, its creator. In 2012 he was fundless but willing to become an inventor with the help of 3D printing. 3D printers appeared to be the tool he always wished for to invent everything and anything. The models on the market just weren’t available for purchase under a few thousand dollars in a time where he had practically no money at all. Somehow, Grayston managed do build a 3D printer just out of household items. It barely produced any presentable results, but it got the ball rolling. Grayston got support from a small investor and was able to continue working on his vision (“with a little help from his local hackerspace community Saskatoon Techworks“).

In September 2014, Grayston launched his Kickstarter campaign for the world’s first $100 3D printer. He was able to raise just under $750,000 to develop the Peachy Printer. Now, the Peachy Printer is finally available for preorder for the public. There’s also an “Peachy Printer Pro” in development, but don’t expect it to be announced in the near future.

Here’s more information from his YouTube Channel: