Virtual Tour

Shapeways Lightning Tour of NYC and Eindhoven Factories


Want to learn more about what happens at an online 3D printing service? Take a peek behind the scenes at Shapeways factories in NYC and Eindhoven.

Have you ever wondered where the magic of Shapeways happens? The company have released two video tours of their NYC and Eindhoven factories, so we can see in more detail what happens behind the scenes.

Shapeways is the world’s largest online 3D printing service, community and marketplace, and was founded in the Netherlands before moving their world HQ to New York City. With these videos, we’re given more of an idea of what they do and how they work.

Both videos are presented in a “hyperlapse style” to create a fast-paced tour within the space of a minute and a half. In both NYC and Eindhoven, the factory layouts are open-plan and modern, but we’re hope you’re not sensitive to jerky camera movements…!

Shapeways Eindhoven Tour

In Eindhoven, the tour begins by entering the factory and zooming around the communal lounge areas with a look at the patterns, designs and even the cheeky football table. The large creative room, where work takes place, is filled with computers and an open space.

From here, we’re lead straight into the SLS printing room in Eindhoven, where state of the art 3D printers are kept. The huge machines take up their own room in the factory. From there we’re given a look at the polishing and post-processing rooms, and it all looks very snazzy.

We have a lingering question, though. What goes on in the “FUD Room”, exactly? It sounds like a high-tech torture chamber.

Shapeways NYC Tour

On the factory floor in NYC, we’re shown a room specifically for quality assurance… which is reassuring to know.

Parts are packaged up here, and then we’re shown the sorting room and the polisher before heading into the most exciting room in the NYC factory — where all the 3D printers are kept.

For strong and flexible plastic, the next stage is the cooling room. Sintered at 160 degrees celcius, they’re “too hot to touch!”

The tour shows the whole process from computer design to polishing in just over one minute, and judging by the number of warm bodies milling about in ceaseless activity, business is booming for the young company.

Both videos are signed off in the description with an invitation: “We’d love to hear your input in the comments below, and don’t forget to tune into our Livestream channel at every Tuesday at 12PM EST to learn more!”