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Readybox Promises World’s Fastest 3D Printer


Readybox promise to deliver the “fastest consumer 3D printer”. Their Kickstarter campaign has already been funded.

In 2015, the speed of consumer 3D printers still is an issue. Most consumer printers deliver great results, but the FDM technology just takes its time. And if you want to deliver professional results, you need a reliable and speedy printer to fulfill your customers needs.

So, for 3D printers to become regular and trusted household items, consumer 3D printers need to be as fast and reliable as industrial printers currently on the market.

Readybox Wants To Speed Up Things


Here‘s a company who wants to change that by making prints up to 6 times faster than leading consumer printers.

Readybox is the brainchild of Brett Potter (above), CEO and Founder of the company. He is joined by Sam Forline, Readybox-Partner and CMO. Brett is an engineering student at the University of Maryland. The 21-year-old worked at a workshop of his university and got frustrated by the quality of the current consumer printers. So he started building his version of a perfect, reliable, speedy printer.

Brett and Sam have already done a year of prototyping and beta testing – they claim the printer‘s finished.

These are the Readybox Specs

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Here‘s what they, according to their website, they came up with:

  • Faster Extrusion Speed: A high flow extruder design means that filament can be extruded more than six times faster than existing 3D printers without any risk of clogging.
  • Smoother Movement: A low friction movement system allows the print head to move incredibly fast while still retaining all the accuracy of other, slower printers
  • No Maintenance: A specialized build plate eliminates the need for maintenance, glue, or tape. Prints securely adhere while printing and easily pop off when completed
  • Better Tech: A next generation 32bit ARM based controller board brings the software and hardware together to create a seamless, easy printing experience
  • Easier Use: Utilizes auto-leveling and cleaning capabilities to make printing as simple as pushing a button. The clog-free extrusion system also prevents print errors and inaccuracies
  • Huge Build Area: Readybox is one of the most space efficient 3D printers on the market. Though it has an enormous build area of 13″ x 13″ x 13″, the printer itself is only 21″ x 21″ x 21.5″.

Readybox are mainly looking for renting a workspace to assemble the printer. Their funding campaign just reached its funding goal of moderate $12.500 on Kickstarter in just 24 hours. The Kickstarter campaign has still 23 days to go.

According to their Kickstarter schedule, they’ll start delivering in March 2016.

Speed Up, Little Printer


Usually, the movement system of a consumer 3D printer reaches maximum speeds of 200 – 250mm/s. This is often due to friction and heavy printer parts impeding the acceleration, or simply due to motors not being strong enough to move quickly.

If a printer can overcome these obstacles and increase movement speed, it is then limited by extrusion (the amount of plastic it can push in a certain amount of time). Most extruder motors can only apply a certain amount of force to plastic filament before the filament breaks or the motor stalls.

Here’s how Readybox wants to solve that problem:

“Using a new, patent-pending extrusion system, Readybox is able to avoid this breaking and stalling and to apply significantly more force to the plastic. This eliminates clogging and allows the plastic to flow faster than previously possible. It also means that even though Readybox uses a larger 0.6mm nozzle, it can move at speeds much faster than existing printers.”

So, what do you think? Can these guys outsmart the competition and make 3D printing significantly faster? Please feel free to add to the comments.