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The Best Free Raspberry Pi Camera Cases to 3D Print

Raspberry Pi Camera Case

A simple camera board takes your beloved micro-computer to a whole new level. Here are the best 3D printable Raspberry Pi camera cases. 

If you’re looking to add a camera model for your micro, you can choose from different makes and models. The original camera has been updated to version 2.0, which gives you a much better resolution. Here are the three original models, which you can order from Amazon or any other store like Adafruit.

Name Resolution What’s special? Check Price at Amazon
Original Raspberry Pi Camera V1 • 5 megapixel native resolution sensor-capable of 2592 x 1944 pixel static images
• Supports 1080p30, 720p60 and 640x480p60/90 video
Discontinued, but still sold Available at Amazon
Raspberry Pi Camera V2 • Second Generation Raspberry Pi Camera Module with Fixed Focus Lens
• Sony Exmor IMX219 Sensor Capable of 4K30, 1080P60, 720P180, 8MP Still 3280 (H) x 2464 (V) Active Pixel Count
• Maximum of 1080P30 and 8MP Stills in Raspberry Pi Board
Offers a much better resolution Available at Amazon
Raspberry Pi Camera Night Vision • 5 megapixel sensor
• Supports 1080p, 720p and 640x480p HD video
• Shoots still images with resolutions up to 2592 x 1944
Night Vision Camera, usable for operation in low light conditions Available at Amazon

So you’ve got the camera now… but you need a case or mount to put it! If you have access to a 3D printer, things suddenly get more interesting. There are a lot of 3D printable Raspberry Pi camera cases around. You can use them with the ever popular Octoprint software and monitor your prints from afar. Attach the cam to a telescope, a microscope. Use it for your fancy DIY hoover monitor. Use it as a selfie cam, for an intercom … there are too many use cases to mention.

In this article, we’ve listed the best 3D printed Raspberry Pi camera cases. All of them are free under the Creative Commons licence.

Raspberry Pi Camera Case #1 : Camera Case and Tripod

What is it? The camera is fitted inside a 3D printed case and mounted to a 3D printed tripod. You can use a  Swivel-Head Adapter to adjust the position of the camera. It can be locked in place with a side screw.

Who made it? The friendly guys at Adafruit.

Difficulty: The simple Raspberry Pi camera case design is relatively easy to 3D print. But it takes a few minutes to assemble.

Download: Thingiverse. 

Raspberry Pi Camera Case #2: Camera Mount

What is it? It’s a “no hassle” solution for the cam. Print this Raspberry Pi camera mount, slide it onto your Pi 2 or 3, attach the camera cable to the computer – and you‘re done.

Who made it? Maker Anykey.

Difficulty: Easy.

Download: Thingiverse. 

Raspberry Pi Camera Case #3: Tom’s Raspberry Pi Camera Mount V4 + (optional) LED Mount V1

What is it? It’s a 3D printed “mini rig” for a Raspberry Pi case of your liking. You print the parts, attach the rig to the Raspberry Pi case, slide the cam in – you’re done. If you want to, you can also add a LED ring for better lighting.

Who made it? Tomas Vit from the Czech Republic.

Difficulty: Easy.

Download: Thingiverse. 

Raspberry Pi Camera Case #4: The Mountster

What is it? Technically, it’s not a case, it a monster mount for the Raspberry Pi Camera. You can glue or screw the cam to the print. Also, there is an opening for the focus light.

Who made it? Jerome Maurey.

Difficulty: A simple two piece design, fun, practical, fast and easy to print.

Download: Thingiverse.

Raspberry Pi Camera Case #5: InMoov Raspberry Pi Camera 2.1 Raspicam Modification

What is it? InMoov is an open-source 3D printed life-size robot – more info here. This Raspberry Pi camera case is mounted on the robot itself and gives you the impression of a real “eye.” HAL would want one.

Who made it? Lord Duncan.

Difficulty: High, as the whole InMoov robot project is quite a thing to print, assemble and program.

Download: Thingiverse. 

Raspberry Pi Camera Case #6: Camera Case Stand with Customizable Fixed Angle

What is it? This 3D print is designed to hold a case from rather than having the camera and case flop around loose. What’s special: You can adjust the angle parameter to make the holder point up or down.

Who made it? cdmacy.

Difficulty: Easy. Can be printed without supports.

Download: Thingiverse. 

Raspberry Pi Camera Case #7: Camera Mount with Ball Joint

What is it? This case is ideal if you want to mount it to your 3D printer. The Raspberry Pi camera case comes with a ball joint for extra flexibility. Twist it in any position you are comfortable with.

Who made it? Ian Williams.

Difficulty: Easy.

Download: Thingiverse. 

Raspberry Pi Camera Case #8: Simple Camera Case / Enclosure

What is it? It’s the first Raspberry Pi camera case you should print. It protects your camera’s electronics and can be attached by tape to anything you like. 

Who made it? VGer (image: moein1994)

Difficulty: It’s an easy print, consisting only of two parts.

Download: Thingiverse. 

Raspberry Pi Camera Case #9: Camera Case Mount for Prusa i3

What is it? The Prusa i3 is one of the most popular 3D printers in the world. It’s open source, very nicely built, versatile – and there are many clones, which are significantly cheaper. So if you 3D print this Raspberry Pi camera case and mount for your printer, you can install Octoprint and watch your things built from afar. Unfortunately, it only fits the Raspberry Pi camera V1.

Who made it? Jiri Parkan.

Difficulty: Medium.

Download: Thingiverse. 

Raspberry Pi Camera Case #10: Raspberry Pi Camera to Microscope Adapter

What is it? These two 3D printed pieces fit together in a Raspberry Pi camera case and a Celestron microscope. The first piece fits the Raspberry Pi camera, the second (cylindric tube) goes on top of the microscope. The two snap together.

Who made it? Luis Ibanez.

Difficulty: Easy.

Download: Thingiverse.