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Proto Labs Helped Develop 3D Printed Easiscoop Prototypes


Easiscoop and Easispread are self-heating kitchen utensils coming to IndieGoGo, developed with 3D printed prototypes from Proto Labs.

How often do you find yourself eating the entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s because you left it defrosting for too long?

If you’d rather have a single serving, you may be interested in a new self-heating utensil called Easiscoop. Effectively, it bypasses the need to wait for a chilled foodstuff to reach room temperature before you can dig in.

While Easiscoop — and partner product Easispread — is still in the prototyping phase, it will soon be available to back on crowdfunding platform IndieGoGo. And to bring the self-heating kitchen utensils to this stage of development, a trio of entrepreneurs relied on 3D printing for a little help.

Amit Pala, Ghazi Chowdrey and Imtyaz Ali are based in Bedfordshire, UK. In order to develop the Easispread knife and Easiscoop ice cream scoop, they worked with Proto Labs. The rapid manufacturing company regularly works on interesting projects like this. With their headquarters in Telford, they were the perfect, local company to help out.

Chowdrey explains:

“We approached Proto Labs to 3D print our product, as we knew they use quality materials and with the ability to provide a superb, polished finish… We now have excellent products to take to market, showing exactly what the finished article will look like when it goes into full manufacture.”

Easiscoop Keeps Your Portion Size in Check

Pala, Chowdrey and Ali decided to explore the idea of designing the perfect, heated butter-knife. Inspiration came from Chowdrey’s father who complained about being unable to spread butter onto bread.

Perhaps it might be easier just to to keep the butter out of the fridge? Regardless, the trio designed a knife that self-heats and recharges. Pala then submitted a CAD model design to Proto Labs who analyzed the design and began manufacturing a prototype.

The final design comes with a dock and a detachable handle for washing. Easiscoop also fits in the same dock. Although the ice cream scoop shares its name with a Pedigree Pooper Scooper, can it still make an impact on IndieGoGo?

Only time — and ice-cream fiends — will tell.

Source: Shropshire Star