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E3 2016

Print the Games: E3 Highlights for Your Desk


Get in the mood for the best E3 games: Start your 3D printers and dig in some of the greatest fan-made videogame props.

At E3 2016, tons of great news games were announced in great-looking trailers… but there‘s only one slight problem: You’ll have to wait months until you can play them. So we thought it would be good to have some “Memento” in anticipation of the great new E3 games we’re expecting this year. Let’s warm up those 3D printers for the best games figurines and heroes.

1. E3 2016 3D Print: Skyrim Dawnguard Vampire Lord

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-14 um 16.31.15

The Game: Bethesda’s role-playing game classic “Skyrim” will be updated with better graphics for PS4 and Xbox One. Also for the first time, you’ll be able to play mods on the consoles.

The Print: AA representation of Dawnguard, the Vampire Lord. If the 3D printed vampire lord not your cup of tea, there are other great Skyrim 3D prints out there.

The Link: Free at Thingiverse.

2. E3 2016 3D Print: God of War Kratos Swords


The Game: Finally, “God of War” series will be rebooted. We can’t wait to see what Kratos is facing this time.

The Print: It‘s an easy print – all in all, the Kratos Sword should be finished in three to four hours.

The Link: Right at MyMiniFactory. If you need a easier 3D printable version, try this one from Thingiverse (compared, it looks like a toothpick).

2. E3 2016 3D Print: Pokémon Low-Poly Pikachu

low-poly pokemon pikachu

The Game: Nintendo has announced “Pokémon Sun” and “Pokémon Moon”. Gotta catch them all, even if they hide behind Pluto.

The Print: It’s not only a classic game but also a classic 3D printed Pokémon piece, designed by maker Flowalistic.

The Link: For free at Thingiverse.

4. E3 2016 3D Print: Star Trek Enterprise


The Game: Finally, you’ll have the bridge: Ubisoft will be releasing “Star Trek: Bridge Crew” this fall. You and your friends will be tested as a crew in this VR headset game.

The Print: A nice desktop version of the “Enterprise”.

The Link: Download for free at Thingiverse.

5. E3 2016 3D Print: Call of Duty Four Finger Ring


The Game: “Call of Duty: Infinity Warfare” is the next iteration in the Call of Duty franchise. For the first time, the action will even take place in outer space.

The Print: This is a four fingers ring for the fans of Call of Duty franchise. CAREFUL: These are not to be used as brass knuckles… play hard online games instead.

The Link: Download for free at Thingiverse.

6. E3 2016 3D Print: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

Bildschirmfoto 2016-06-14 um 16.55.25

The Game: “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is an extremely important game for Nintendo. It has to convince fans and followers on the Wii U. It also has to look and perform great on Nintendo‘s upcoming NX console, which should be released in 2017. What makes it more difficult: The new iteration in the Zelda franchise is an open world title. Let’s hope Nintendo’s got all bases covered.

The Print: It’s a playable, great looking ocarina. And yes, the classic Zelda prop will appear in the game.

The Link: Download for free at Thingiverse.

7. E3 2016 3D Print: Fallout 4 Vault Door Coaster


The Game: At E3, Bethesda announced several new “Fallout 4” DLC packs. In July, “Vault-Tec Workshop” which will allow players to build their own vaults using the same settlement building functionality that Fallout 4 launched with. Within vaults, players will be able to experiment on vault dwellers.

The Print: It’s coaster, preferably for your ice-cold Nuka Cola. If you’d like to 3D print other Fallout props, please take a look at this article.

The Link: Download for free at Thingiverse.

8. E3 2016 3D Print: Witcher Medaillon


The Game: Didn’t we all love the roleplaying game “The Witcher 3”? CD Project is now entering new territory by releasing a card strategy game called “Gwent”. It simulates two armies meeting on the battlefield – and obviously wants to challenge “Hearthstone”.

The Print: It’s a great looking Witcher medallion.

The Link: Get it from Thingiverse.

9. E3 2016 3D Print: Batman Statue


The Game: At E3 2016, Rocksteady announced “Batman Arkam VR”, exclusive for Playstation VR. It will focus more on the Dark Knight’s detective skills and lets you explore the Batcave and Wayne Manor.

The Print: There are many great Batman 3D prints, but we particulary liked this one. If you want more, please read on here.

The Link: Get it from Thingiverse.

9. E3 2016 3D Print: Titanfall Atlas Mech Action Figure


The Game: “Titanfall 2” made its official debut at EA’s Play press conference at Electronic Entertainment Expo E3. The fast paced action game will come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Titanfall 2 is currently scheduled to release on October 28, 2016.

The Print: This Titanfall “Atlas Mech Action Figure” looks perfect. Maker and video games fan Daniel Lilygreen really knows how to design killer figurines.

The Link: Download the files from MyMiniFactory.

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