3D Printed Figurine

3D Printed Movie Award for Oscar Nights

academy awards 3d printing

Sometimes the life of a star and his loyal fans can be… difficult. Especially when it comes to the Academy Awards Ceremony. If your favorite movie star had to stay put in his seat during the ceremony, there’s definitely a bitter aftertaste. Thanks to 3D printing, this can change. Maker Chris Krueger a.k.a. TheNewHobbyist published his “Customizable Movie Award” for “all the party planning committees getting ready for the upcoming movie awards”.

What’s so special about it? Using Customizer, you can add two lines of custom text to the base of this statue. How about an award for graduation, birthday or fathers day? 

The model can be printed using a single extruder or with dual extruders, when you have a Makerbot model. When exporting the model from Makernbot Customizer pick your desired extruder configuration. “Single Extruder” will output a model with inset lettering. “Dual Extruder” will give you two models, print these in two different colors for the effect pictured in the photos above.

If you own another printer, you can find the thing files over at Thingiverse.

If you don’t own a printer, just upload the files to Sculpteo, Shapeways or iMaterialise.