Made Possible with 3D Printing

Pimp your Game Room with 3D Printing

Game Room

A dedicated game room for your collection, a comfy chair, a huge screen, enough time for memorable multiplayer matches or a round of simple chess… that‘s what most gamers dream of. Whether your game of choice is modern or old fashioned, with the use of a 3D printer you can create many tricks to make gaming more interesting (and perhaps your game room a little tidier too).

Here are some suggestions – if you have another suggestion, please feel free to add them to the comments. If you don’t own a 3D printer, you can have the items printed by a professional 3D printing service. To get the best price, please use All3DP’s price comparison service.

1. Wii Racing Wheel for Mario Kart


What’s this? For the Wii addicts, there is surely no game that can get as competitive as Mario Kart series. To help you feel like you’re actually driving a car – this racing wheel that you can find on Thingiverse is a great idea and makes you look more like a professional driver.

2. Stack your Controllers


What’s that thing? A controller rack. Works with Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Wii U and Xbox 360 controllers. If you always find yourself wasting time while searching for your controller before you begin a game, this may be a solution. So long as you remember to actually use this stackable control holder, you should have no problem locating each one. You can also find this idea on Thingiverse.

3. Customize your Controller


Why do I need this? The creator of this idea asks: “Why should you have to live with what you’re given?” If you’re bored of having the same old colours on your controller, this easy print will allow you to have an interesting change. The creator suggests you dunk the printed parts in acetone, buffer them out to be smooth, or better yet use some Sugru to fill the letters and add some color! If this interests you, the design can be found here.

4. Doctor Who Board Game


Doctor Who? For a more old-fashioned choice of game in your home, this quirky choice is based on arguably one of the best British TV shows. The creator describes the game’s rules as: “Many of the Doctor’s most feared opponents have teleported into the TARDIS to steal the last copy of the Black Scroll of Rassilon from the TARDIS library. With no one else, the Doctor’s past regenerations have been gathered to help. Whoever finds the Black Scroll and escapes first wins!”

The best part may also be that the board for this game folds int a carrying case too. You can easily find this idea on Thingiverse.

5. Destiny Ghost Model


What game‘s that from? If you know someone who is a fan of Destiny, then this companion could be a great present idea. The model is fully detailed and prints without supports too. The design currently snaps together with magnets. You can check out the design on Thingiverse.

6. Headphone Stand


Why you might want this: This simple to print headphone stand is useful if you want to keep your headphones near you. The piece is easy to print too with just two parts and will keep your game room looking techy and tidy. Check out the free design here.

7. Mario Venus Fly Trap


What’s that? The title of this interesting looking 3D print is the “Venus Fly Trap Super Mario Warp Pipe Self Watering Planter.” So if you happen to have a dionaea muscipula and love Super Mario themed gizmos, then this will be a great addition for your game room. The design files are here.

8. Video Game Hangers

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-30 um 15.07.56

What’s that? If you’re into retro gaming, you come across great bargain modules… with the packaging missing. Here’s a great wall mounted way of storing your beloved games. These Nintendo 64 video game wall hangers are designed to connect straight or staggered, extendable to as many games as your wall will support. Games can be snapped out easily for playing. All parts print without support structures. You find them for free at Thingiverse. Also, there are versions for Super NES, NES and Sega Genesis modules.

9. Monopoly Print


Why you need this: If you’re constantly losing parts to this classic board game, then print out a simple case and make sure everything stays in one place. Although this design does not allow you to print the pieces, it could be very handy in making sure you don’t even need replacements in the long run. Find the design on 3DCults.

10. Pokemon Chess Set

Bildschirmfoto 2015-11-30 um 15.03.55

What’s this? It’s a 3D printed chess set, inspired by the Low Poly Pokemon designs of Agustin Flowalistik. If you have a game room, then this classic shouldn’t be forgotten! You can find the design here!

11. Board Game Storage Box


What’s this for? The board game storage box does exactly as it says on the tin – you can use this box to store your pieces, and when you’re playing, pop the cover out and invert and insert into the bottom to make a spinning base. Another cool feature is the ability to fan out the sides of the box to hold your game cards in six separate sections too. Check out the design on Thingiverse.

12. Connect Four


Why you need this: This classic game from everyone’s childhood is easy to print. Just remember to print your tokens in two colours to make sure no cheating takes place. You can find the simple design for free here.

13. Wii Controller Clip

wii clip

Who’s this for? Anyone with a passion for Wii games can make use of this clip which connects your Wiimote to your Classic Controller. For this, the bottom of the clip connects to the Wiimote while the top half clips into those as-of-yet unused holes at the bottom of the Classic Controller. The designer claims on Thingiverse that this tool “could be good for (a) getting the Wiimote out of the way and (b) for any games that may want to have a mix between dual-analog controls and motion-sensitive controls.”

14. Thumbstick Caps for PS4 Controllers


Why should I make this? These thumbstick caps can add some colour to your boring plain controller. The designer questions also whether this could be better for gaming and urges you to let them know. You can find the design here to try it out.

15. TV Remote and 3D Glasses Holder


Why you might want this. If you’re always losing your 3D glasses, then having a designated place for them is the best way to make sure you know where they are! The design also holds your TV remotes too. Check out the design here.

16. Easy Remote Control for Seniors

senior remote

Who’s this for? If you’re sick of having to fix your parent’s TV, then this could be the perfect solution for you. This simple 3D printed cover hides away all the more complicated aspects of a TV controller! Here’s the link to the free design files at Thingiverse.

17. XBox Trigger Adapter


What’s this for? The designer created this piece so that it “breaks out the trigger and buttons from the front of the XBox 360 controller so that they can be used from the top.” This idea was created in response to Caleb Kraft’s call for a controller mod that could be used by someone with physical limitations. To check out how well this idea works, try printing the design from here.

18. Apple TV Mount


Why do I need this? If you want to keep your TV room look neat and tidy, this idea is a great way to hide away the Apple TV in the back of your TV set! The remote still works fine, even if you stow away the base unit. You can download the 3D printing files from here.

19. The XClip


What’s this for? The XClip is a Raspberry Pi mounting solution which can be securely mounted on any flat surface without adding more than 2 mm in thickness to the total assembly. This is a low cost print and you can find the design here.

20. Wii Sensor Bar Mount


Who’s this for? If you’re one of those people who keeps their sensor stuck to the TV using tape, then this idea could help you out! It’s as simple as two clips! Check out the design here.