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Pebble Charger

Pebble Charger (source: Thingiverse)
Pebble Charger (source: Thingiverse)

How often do you happen to misplace or lose your original Pebble charger? Those who have ever lost their charger know how difficult it is to acquire a replacement since there are quite a few places where you can get a new one. And often it is only a matter of time before the replacement charger for your Pebble Watch gets misplaced again.

Pebble Charger, wires inserted(source: Thingiverse)
Pebble Charger, wires inserted (source: Thingiverse)

If you have a 3D printer of your own or access to a 3D printer or printing service, you do not need to visit the store each time you lose your Pebble Charger: Just download the STL file for the charger from Thingiverse. From now on, you can replicate the Pebble Charger and keep it as a spare part – in case you lose yours.

The Pebble Charger is a small USB charger for your smartwatch. You can print it in less than an hour from the Thingiverse STL file. After printing, all you need are two metal wires (single-core jumper wires will do) and tweezers for positioning them. The Pebble Charger you create this way will be able to lock perfectly to your watch therefore you won’t have to use a magnet. This design and STL file were created by Thingiverse user Zeq.

Get the STL file from Thingiverse