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Hewlett-Packard to Launch Commerical 3D Printer in 2016


Hewlett-Packard has serious ambitions for 3D printing, with executive reshuffling for key roles and plans to release a 3D printer in 2016.

hewlett-packardIt’s a known fact that the market for traditional PC and printers are in terminal decline. Which is why industry giants like Hewlett-Packard, seeking to maintain annual revenues of $111 billion, are focussing on 3D printing technology as an area of strong growth in the near and medium term.

According to reports in Fortune magazine, HP will be split into two separate businesses on 1st November. Stephen Nigro, Senior VP of Imaging and Printing, has been assigned the role of overseeing all 3D printing business for HP Inc. This newly formed company will also include the traditional PC and printing businesses. A 3D printer from HP is expected to debut before the end of 2016.

Fortune quotes HP CEO Dion Weisler in a leaked memo about the reshuffle:

“As our first 3D printing product nears commercial availability, I’m creating a new 3D Printing business group and center of excellence. With that in mind, I have asked Stephen Nigro to turn his entire focus to 3D Printing, continuing to report to me.”

The new division will also include the Sprout platform, an integrated 3D scanning and personal computer system which allows anyone to transform any physical object into a 3D digital model. Sprout is already commercially available, and has recently added new functionality where digital 3D models created by users can be seamlessly 3D printed at the touch of a button. This is managed through a partnership with online 3D printing service Sculpteo.

Another important consideration is that HP has developed a new MultiJet Fusion 3D printing technology, first revealed at the end of 2014, which has the potential to create many of the full color, multi-material 3D printed objects that will make up many of tomorrow’s 3D printed, personalized products. These are exciting times…