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Turn Your Favorite Hikes into Sandstone Replicas

Nice Trails

Hikers, mountaineers and explorers now have a more interesting way to remember their trails with a beautiful sandstone replica.

Rather than using a map to keep track of your greatest accomplishments, Nice Trail are offering a way to remember the rise and falls of your explored terrain with a 3D print.

The entire process is automated within their web app, including the 3D modeling of GPS data as well as the ability to order a printed version.

However, if you’re more of a winter sports fan, then make sure to check out their similar service called Winterland which mainly only varies in the colors of the prints.

Do I Make My Own Nice Trail Print?


In order to create your Nice Trail print, you need to do is to upload the GPS files (.gpx) of your trail. Make sure you have a compatible service, whether this is an app such as Strava or Runtastic. As an alternative there are many devices, such as watches built by Garmin and Suunto, which allow you to extract files.

From here, you can alter the details of your structure and tweak the overall appearance easily. Depending on your trail, shapes will vary from squares to rectangles. The 3D printing process then begins and produces a sculpture with an embossed picture with a red trail tracing the route you took.

Each order is created on demand. You should expect delivery after around 2 weeks – that‘s for for making and shipping via UPS. The pieces are slightly brittle and will break if fallen from a table. To keep colours live, you should avoid contact with water.

Currently, the Nice Trails 3D rendering of tracks is a free service to use online and you can also request a 3D print in one of three sizes.

Currently, the largest print is 6 inches and costs €150 to create, the medium is €99, and almost 4 inches on the longest side and the smallest will set you back €49 and is 5 cm on the longest side. The prices range from €49 to €249.

If this interests you then check out their website here and let us know what you think of your Nice Trail in the comments.