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Neon Brown: 3D Printed Sausage Robot Wars

Neon Brown

If you’ve ever wondered how a 3D printed sausage robot would hold up in a fight, then behold the meaty glory that is Neon Brown.

From a random box of parts and sausages, illustrator and engineer Sarah Petkus created a very unique robot which — unfortunately — had quite a short life.

HeboCon is a robot fighting challenge for the technically ungifted. When one took place at Petkus’ local hackerspace, her submission was a delta automaton made from 3D printed parts and several packs of sausages. She christened it “Neon Brown”.

Describing her creation, Petkus said: “So… I made a delta robot out of sausage this weekend for HeboCon at SYNShop! Making a meat-based machine has always been a bucket list item of mine… so I’m glad the occasion finally occurred for me to do this.”

The Genesis of Neon Brown

Petkus begins her YouTube video with a glimpse at the box of peculiar objects she had accumulated to build her own robot with.

A quick montage shows you exactly how she managed to build Neon Brown, which was done in a spectacularly short amount of time. Her use of hot dogs in the design attracted much laughter when the robot entered the ring.

Even though Neon Brown had extremely limited movement, it managed to win one fight…  Which may have been more to do with the overconfidence of its opponent rather than the robot’s skills.

Neon Brown was next defeated by ‘Car Phone’ and then ‘Hammer Bot’, which both slammed straight into the sausage robot, to the disappointment of the crowd.

However, despite these setbacks, an overwhelming amount of votes meant that Neon Brown won the 2016 Fan Favorite Prize.

After such a stunning victory (of sorts), what next for Neon Brown? Petkus said: “The nature of room-temperature hotdogs is unfortunately ephemeral… so I had to sadly dismantle it when I got home after the event. I do however have lots of video to commemorate the life and times of little ‘Neon Brown'”

If you’re interested in learning more about Petkus’ projects in robotics and multimedia, check out her Patreon site, where you can also become a supporter of her work.

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