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3D Printed iPhone 4 Bike Mount

Ladies and gentlemen! May I have your attention please? For your viewing and reading pleasure, here is yet another tool for the iPhone that you didn’t know you needed: an iPhone 4 bike mount. That’s right, through the miracle of 3D printing (and the creativity of maker 3D4all), you too can print your very own bike, jinrikisha or rickshaw mounting adapter for your iPhone 4. Just print this doodad, mount it to your bike with zip ties, attach your iPhone, and you’re ready to receive phone calls while riding. Feels a bit like smoking while walking on a treadmill but to each his own I guess.

Print it, mount it, enjoy it

All kidding aside, I will concede that there could be a use for this if you’ve installed some type of fitness tracking software. You could even make use of GPS maps and positioning to guide you on your trek and provide real-time movement data. Traditional methods of exercising with a piece of tech dictate that you strap the iDevice to your person using clips and straps. While this method is perfectly fine, it can significantly reduce access to the screen and all necessary controls. Mounting the iDevice on the stem or top tube of your bike gives you full visibility – not to mention positioning the device’s touch-screen and other controls within easy reach. If you’re also using it to play music during your ride, just remember to unplug the headphones before you dismount.

If you’re interested in this mounting device, keep in mind that you’ll also need to purchase 3D4all’s iPhone 4 holder with multi-lock case.  Both pieces can be found at Shapeways.com (US-$ 21.80).

If you want to print out a similar design (not quite as fancy and versatile, but free of charge), please visit Thingiverse for this stl-files.

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