Meet the Giant 3D Printed Scarecrow

3D printed Scarecrow

In perfect time for Halloween, Joris van Tubergen, a 3D designer and inventor, has created a unique scarecrow for the Valkenswaard (or Scarecrow Festival) in the Netherlands.

Van Tubergen is famous for having had the idea of flipping his Ultimaker 3D printer upside down, so it could print extra tall columns (All3DP reported). He is also known for using his simple add-on, known as the Z-Unlimited, to 3D print a life-size elephant to raise awareness for World Animal Protection.


The Vogelverschrikker Festival invites many professionals, from architects, builders, environmentalists, bird lovers, designers and artists, to create one hundred unique and different scarecrows. Van Tubergen’s 3D printed scarecrow will be an image of himself, with extra-elongated limbs and his signature head of hair. This will then be live printed over the entire week of the Scarecrow Festival using only recyclable PET materials.

He joked to “It’s a cut and pasted version of 3D scans of myself… it’s a form of arrogance to print yourself so big.”

How Did He Create the 3D Printed Scarecrow?


First, van Tubergen began with a full-body 3D scan of himself from Th3RD, a Dutch 3D scanning company.

In order to create a four-meter tall ‘jumping-jack’ style scarecrow, he took that scan into Blender.

He told “For this event, we collaborated with the Perpetual Plastic Project, the complete installation is present to recycle your cup into a 3D printed object,”

The Perpetual Plastic Project works on making sure that plastic, from water bottles to festival cups, is washed, dried, ground up and melted into 3D printer filament. The companies slogan: “what if you could make almost anything from plastic waste” is very apt when looking at the plans for a giant 3d printed scarecrow!


In order to make sure this giant 3D printed scarecrow is finished on time, five 3D printers are having to be used live on the festival grounds.

van Tubergen also designed his project in such a way that several slicing profiles could be combined meaning some parts are completely hollow while others have some infill for added strength.


Though he says he is not a trained programmer, van Tubergen has created a script which combines the profiles, saving time and materials too.

If you’re in the Netherlands this week and fancy a scare, The Vogelverschrikker Festival takes place bi-annually, this year’s festival will take place between October 24th and November 1st. What do you think of the giant 3d printed scarecrow?

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