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Looking good: 3D Printed Figurines around the World

3D Printing is trending around the world – and those lovely 3D figurines are the hottest part! As of this day, there just around two dozen 3D printing shops where you can get a lifelike statue of yourself. All3DP checked the stores and chose some of the best-looking selfies.

If you want to know more, check All3DP.com’s exhaustive list of 3D figurine shops from around the world. And if you are a shop owner, please drop us a line, so we can add you to our list.

Cool Figurine #1

01_me_limitedAs of May 2014, Me Limited Edition is the only 3D figurine service in Bangkok, Thailand.

02_twinkindCool Figurine #2

Slackers on the move: Twinkind portraits the relaxed lifestyle of Berlin, Germany.

03_my3d_avatarCool Figurine #3

Read more books (about 3D Printing): The figurines from My 3D Avatar strike a pose.

04_leanovoCool Figurine #4

Not only for young urban hipsters: Businessmen in London also love to be 3D’ed from Levavo.

05_captured_dimensionsCool Figurine #5

Portrait all your loved ones: Pets are also immortalized by Captured Dimensions in Dallas, USA.

 06_avatarCool Figurine #6

Unfortunately, you can’t let your little figurine answer your phone… might solve a lot of problems. The figurines from the French service Avatar é moi.