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Typing in VR

Logitech Will Let You Use a Keyboard in Virtual Reality

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by Miles Scott
Nov 8, 2017

Typing is a skill most people practice, but few have actually learned. When it comes to VR, it becomes especially difficult as you can’t see the keyboard once you’re wearing the headset. So either you’re touch typing… or you‘re not typing at all.

This might be subject to change. Logitech is taking a bold step forward introducing their first”Bridge” VR keyboard.

Currently, Bridge is compatible with the HTC Vive. The set consists of a keyboard with an attached Vive tracker. The tracker gets the keyboard’s position, the camera recognizes your position of your hands as you type.

Therefore, you get an overlay of a keyboard in virtual reality.

Currently, the Bridge VR Keyboard is under Development

Unfortunately, you can’t buy the Bridge VR Keyboard yet. There are only 50 developer kits going out to select partners, who will help Logitech refine the experience.

One of the features that they are hoping to have developers implement is custom keyboard skins so that the keyboard can seamlessly integrate into their VR experiences. In addition, Logitech is experimenting with keycaps to label the macro keys.

Depending on the success of this developer trial, we may be able to to have complete VR desktop workflow when this product comes to market.

If you are developing a Vive application and have an extra $150, you can apply to get one of the 50 kits here.

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