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Kodak Launches Portrait 3D Printer With Unbeatable Pre-Sale Offer


Kodak is offering its first 500 Portrait 3D printers for a 35 percent discount, cutting the price of this dual-extrusion printer to $1819.

The days of the disposable camera may be behind us, but nowadays, people are able to capture their Kodak moment in the three-dimensional space. The Kodak brand has stirred up a lot of excitement after making its recent entrance into the 3D printing field. The Portrait 3D printer and filament line will officially hit the market in 2018, but the company has a special deal for early birds looking to get their hands on this machine.

The Kodak Portrait 3D Printer is now available for pre-sale at a 35% discount until the first 500 units sell out. This means that customers will pay only $1819 for a fully enclosed printer that offers dual extrusion capabilities and more. The printer, which will be launched in January at CES, has an MSRP of $2799. Additionally, every customer that pre-orders the printer will also receive a 30% discount on all filaments purchased during 2018. The Portrait 3D Printer pre-orders will be fulfilled and shipped to customers in March 2018.

Kodak has entered the 3D printing market to raise the bar and set a new standard for professional 3D printing. Conceived with education, design and engineering professionals in mind, the Kodak 3D Printing Ecosystem aims to offer a reliable and accurate 3D printing experience.

The Kodak Portrait 3D Printer: Raising the Bar for Professional 3D Printing

Kodak’s first professional desktop 3D printer offers numerous features that make it stand out among other desktop 3D printers currently on the market. Although it joins the marketplace at a time where the consumer has hundreds of models to choose from, Kodak believes their product has the attributes to put it above the competition.

The Portrait 3D Printer has a generous print volume of 200x200x250mm (8’’x8’’x10’’), making it ideal for conceptual models and functional parts. At the same time, the compact printer fits comfortably on a desk and is easily transportable. Unlike many other printers at this price point, the Portrait is fully enclosed and includes a HEPA filter, making it safe to print materials like ABS in classrooms, laboratories, and offices.

The enclosure also keeps fingers away from hot or moving parts, reduces the overall printer noise, and also keeps warm air in and cold drafts out, helping to preserve the quality of larger prints. On top of that, An extractor fan keeps the chamber temperature actively regulated.

Even more impressively, the Portrait offers dual extrusion nozzles and incorporates some key features that make its configuration extremely effective. It has a nozzle-wiping mechanism to avoid color contamination, as well as an end-of-filament sensor that helps ensure that long prints are not ruined if the materials runs out. One of the unique features is the ability to use the same material in both extruders, allowing the secondary extruder to swoop in and finish the print job once the primary extruder runs out of filament.

The quick-exchange mechanism for substituting the hot ends is also notable. This system uses a precision magnetic attachment mechanism, making it easy to detach a clogged hot end or swap out nozzles without needing tools.

Packed with Premium Features

While the Kodak Portrait 3D Printer is packed with professional features, the accessibility and ease-of-use also makes it the perfect machine for beginners. For starters, it offers automatic bed leveling. Prior to each print job, the printer will measure the print surface at several points to determine any tilt and calculate a correction that will make the printed object truly perpendicular to the print surface.

The print bed is firmly held in place by magnets, meaning that it can be easily detached for cooling and cleaning or for removing the printed object. The printer package also comes with a spare print bed so that you can start your next print before the first even comes off of the bed.

The printer itself is rigidly built, using steel sheets, precision laser cut. Thick guide rods and industrial bearing blocks move the print carriage smoothly and precisely, even at higher speeds and accelerations. Although the electronic components are safely hidden inside the printer, they’re also easily accessible under a single removable panel. Z-movement is done via a ballscrew, which will neither wear out while doing the constant bed-leveling movement and nor bend under the weight of the rigid print platform.

The Portrait 3D Printer will also brighten up your workshop or office with 5 color LED lights, which illuminate the printer and also change to represent the progress of the print job.

The Kodak Portrait 3D Printer printer software is a truly defining factor of the ecosystem, offering advanced multi-user features. Users can log in and gain immediate access to their email, file-sharing services, or social media. Now, why exactly is this important?

Well, imagine a classroom where the student can take a printable file from Dropbox, post the finished object’s time-lapse movie on Instagram, and tweet the print results, all from one platform. The software also enables users to monitor the printing process, rate the print to appraise its quality, track print-time per user or even allocate printer costs depending on usage.

Kodak 3D Printing Filament: Low Moisture Absorption, High Diameter Accuracy

In addition to the new Portrait 3D Printer, the company is also releasing the KODAK 3D Printing Filament line. These materials will offer the lowest moisture rate in the market, while still maintaining exceptionally high roundness and diameter accuracy. Low moisture is a very important aspect to successful 3D printing, particularly because the polymer chains tend to break at a molecular level when humid plastic is melted, altering its physical properties and resulting in poor prints.

To preserve filament quality and to help ensure repeatable results, KODAK 3D Printing Filaments are housed inside the supplied airtight protection cartridges, which have humidity desiccants. After removing the filament from the special airtight foil packaging, simply place the spool in these cartridges, which connect to the extruders, forming a system where the filament is never exposed to the ambient humidity or dust.

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