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“Hey Pressto” Project Turns Skin Into Stop Motion Animation With 3D Printed Stamps

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by Tyler Koslow
Oct 21, 2017

The London creative agency DBLG and animation studio Animade create stop animation films with 3D printed stamps imprinted on naked bodies.  

While a majority of animated films are considered fun for the whole family, a recent collaboration between DBLG and Animade brings the idea of “graphic” animations to a whole a new level.  To celebrate the 10th anniversary of their London-based creative agency, DBLG decided to transform the naked human body into a canvas for stop animation.

Working with the stop animation studio Animade, DBLG used 3D printing to create an arsenal of stamps that would be imprinted on various bare bodies. The project, called Hey Pressto, is inspired by the firm’s idea to cross the physical world with stop animation.

The short clips showcase wildly expressive animations, including “a party bursting out of a leg, a game of tennis over a bare bum crack and a nipple going for a stroll.” However, what truly makes the project standout is the backdrop of nipples, butts, and belly buttons that these 3D printed stamps are showcased upon.

Hey Pressto: Setting the Animated Stage on the Naked Human Body

According to DBLG, the research and development process for the right stamp took about four months. The stamp itself started out as typographically based, but the team didn’t believe that this method provided the “tone of voice or playfulness” that they were seeking. And so, 3D printing technology became the optimal tool for the production of these zany stamps.

First, Animade created the animations, playfully labeling them with titles like ‘nipple walk’ or ‘sneeze’. After crafting the graphics, DBLG took the files and modeled each frame in cinema 4D before physically exporting them physical 3D print.

The films were directed by Malcom Hadley, a stop animation guru who just finished working on Wes Anderson’s upcoming movie Isle of Dogs. There were eight cast members involved that wore a variety of stamps for three days straight. Patience was almost certainly a key to the project’s success, as there was a 40 minute wait between each frame.

The production team had to deal with some surprising factors with the naked skin, such as nipples changing size due to temperature changes or and how the imprint reacted differently with various skin types.

While we’ve seen 3D printing utilized in the production of stop animation films a number of times, the stripped down style of the Hey Pressto project will certainly draw attention from any wandering eye. So, if you’re comfortable with staring at jogging nipples or people playing tennis across the two sides of a butt crack, check out the wackiness in the clip below.

Source: DBLG

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