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Hackrod Challenges Automotive Industry by Using 3D Printing and AI

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by Hanna Watkin
Jan 25, 2018

The approach to manufacturing cars may soon change drastically if one startup, Hackrod, has anything to do with it. The company wants to enable customers to design their own cars, making use of the latest technologies.

If you’re uninspired by current car designs and think you could do a better job, your time to shine may be coming soon. Hackrod is a startup company which claims it will drive the next industrial revolution.

The company hopes to do this by developing a design, engineering and manufacturing platform. This involves enabling the rapid prototyping of bespoke vehicle solutions using AI, VR, and 3D printing.

To prove that this is possible, the company is first creating La Bandita Speedster. They claim this is the world’s first car designed in virtual reality engineered by artificial intelligence and made using advanced manufacturing.

However, the company is beginning with the film “Autonomo”. Hackrod’s CEO and co-founder, Mike ‘Mouse’ McCoy, is producing the film which will prove what the platform is capable of. Autonomo is commissioning 50 cars designed with the Hackrod technology.

However, the company first needs money. They’re in the process of crowdfunding for their ambitious goals. They’ve now raised $34,720 of their $50,000 to $1,070,000 goal.

What Would Your Dream Car Look Like?

After raising enough money, Hackrod hopes to give the consumer a driving seat in the creation of the car. After co-creating a design using a Hackrod’s software, the car will then be 3D printed.

Hackrod also has a partnership with AutoDesk and is using their VRED 3D visualization and virtual prototyping software to create virtual car prototypes.

The company explains that they want to move us out of the 20th century when it comes to car designing and manufacturing. By utilizing virtual reality, AI and 3D printing, the possibilities for car designs are endless.

“The consumer will be able to pick and choose custom options, leaving the digital platform to do the hard stuff like component sourcing, engineering analysis, and hardware integration,” explains the MicroVentures website.

The Hackrod platform is powered by Cloud computing, crowdsourcing, AI, 3D printing and a connected supply chain, bringing together these technologies which they currently describe as “disconnected dots”.

Visit the company’s MicroVentures page to get more information on the project.

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