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3D GoPro UWC Scuba Mount

3D Printed GoPro UWC Scuba Mount

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September 2, 2015

The greatest unexplored facet of our beautiful planet is the open waters. That’s no big surprise since 71% of the surface of the entire planet is covered by water. And the depth of the seas are more hostile to life – at least, to human life – than any other region on earth. Undersea terrain is made up of zones with deep sea volcanoes and deep valleys with creatures that call these zones their homes. It is quite fascinating that life exists in these extreme conditions – despite the high water pressure, total darkness, and low or high temperatures.

UWC Scuba Mount for GoPro Sports Action Camera

No wonder that human divers tend to focus on more shallow waters in the epipelagic zones of the sea. Here is where deep sea-diving and extreme sports come alive.

There is something breathtaking about the clear deep blue waters of our seas along with their repertoire of colorful creatures. Diving provides an exciting dimension in exploring the magnificent orifices of the rich underwater world. Excitement doesn’t quite describe the feeling when the diver is in their zone, meandering through dark caves, swimming with sharks, exploring the ecosystem and occasionally coming across ship wrecks (and possibly some lost pirate treasures). The rush of adrenaline that goes through extreme sports lovers as they set forth on an adventure is unforgettable, thanks to HD GoPro cameras they can record and relive those awesome moments.

 Mounting a GoPro to the diver’s mask

GoPro UWC Scuba Mount from imaterialise

Felipe De La Torre designed the GoPro UWC Scuba Mount for scuba divers to document their underwater experience. Felipe’s designs have always been inspired by genius with practicality at the axis of his products. The 3D GoPro UWC Scuba Mount provides great visuals for divers as they capture their aquatic adventures.

The mount is easily attachable to the diver’s mask. It can be hooked on either the right or left strap giving the diver lots of room for movement. Materials used comprise of a natural alumide which is quite comfortable for diving and filming. The dimensions for the 3D print are: 60.32 x 38.25 x 63.50mm / 2.375 x 7.506 x 2.500 inch.

GoPro UWC Scuba Mount from imaterialise

Felipe’s UWC Scuba Mount for the GoPro Sports Action Camera is available from i.materialise.

The image at the top of the article was shot by Pixabay user Skeeze; it is licensed under the Creative Commons CC0 license.

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